Everything You Need in Your Hunting Bag this Season

October 28, 2019 Deer hunting is a popular activity in the US – and with whitetail populations higher than ever before, we’re sure you’re chomping at the bit to get at it! But deer hunting is...

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15 Pieces of Hunting Gear Every Hunter Should Own

October 17, 2019 Whether you’ve been hunting all of your life or just starting out, there are several essentials that can make your hunting experience more enjoyable. Safety, of course is the most...

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Your First Bug Out Bag – 50 Essentials For Your Kit

October 16, 2019 With so many things you want to stock up on, which bug out bag essentials do you really need? Find out which item you missed as you continue reading. RELATED: A USGI Sea Bag: The Ideal...

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Homemade Paracord Knife Grip | DIY Paracord Projects

October 2, 2019 Make your own homemade paracord knife grip with this quick and easy tutorial to upgrade your survival gear. RELATED: How To Make A Quick-Release Paracord Knife Wrap In this article: Make...

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How To Build An Urban Survival Kit

September 18, 2019 Learn how to build an urban survival kit and increase your chances of survival whatever disaster comes your way! RELATED: Urban EDC: Tools for the Best Urban Everyday Carry Kit In this...

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How To Use A Crossbow And Why Use It Over Guns

September 9, 2019 Consider learning how to use a crossbow because you might want to pick it over guns in some cases. Here’s why! RELATED: DIY Survival: How To Make A Crossbow From Scratch Video In this...

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Medical Supplies Disaster Prepared Kits

July 5, 2019 There are disasters you can prepare for and disasters you cannot. There are disasters such as fire, for example, as in the case of Paradise, California, when you have to just flee. A...

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32 Must-Have Prepper Gear Items

July 1, 2019 Whether you’re a novice, intermediate or long-time survivalist, these 32 prepper gear items are an absolute must-have! Getting Started: 32 Must-Have Prepper Items When getting started,...

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8 Things to Know Before Buying a Gas Mask

June 26, 2019 Gas masks are becoming something of a pop-culture phenomenon lately. This is partially due to the popularity of post-apocalyptic fiction, but it doesn’t end there. People are starting to...

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Paracord: Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know

May 22, 2019 Never leave paracord out of your survival and emergency gear list. Find out why and how here! RELATED: Top 10 Reasons To Never Leave Home Without A Paracord Bracelet All About Paracords: A...

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