CHOP is Dismantled After Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Discovers Protests Can Be Dangerous

July 2, 2020 It was the end of the line for Seattle’s CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) on Wednesday, July 1. After protesters and demonstrators occupied six city blocks for 24 days, Seattle Mayor...

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12 Tactical Hand Signals You Should Know

May 14, 2020 There are situations when not speaking a word means survival and success. Tactical hand signals can do just that. Learn what these are below! Tactical Hand Signals for Your Survival...

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Police Officers Across The Nation Limit Responses To 911 Calls, Making Gun Ownership A Priority Again

March 31, 2020 As the number of coronavirus cases in the United States rises, police officers are finding themselves especially likely to contract the virus. In response to their high exposure potential,...

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Home Defense Guns | Shotgun vs. Handgun

September 5, 2019 Weigh in on the pros and cons of shotguns and handguns before you pick your stash of home defense guns! RELATED: Best Home Defense Guns | When The Cops Are Minutes Away Home Defense Shotgun...

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Gun Hand: Why Should You Keep It Empty?

August 19, 2019 How often do you keep your gun hand empty? If your answer is “never,” you better read this post and hopefully, you’ll not give me that response again! RELATED: How To...

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Heizer Defense’s New PKO45

July 9, 2019 The Heizer Defense PKO45 is one of the better crafted 45 caliber handguns in the market today. Read on and find out why. RELATED: Heizer Defense: Itty Bitty Guns That Pack A Big Punch In...

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Self-Defense Weapons: 11 Guns You Need For When SHTF

April 8, 2019 Here’s a breakdown of the best self-defense weapons for survival and why you should consider adding them to your arsenal! RELATED: 5 Calibers For Self-Defense | Self-Defense Firearms...

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Best Home Defense Guns | When The Cops Are Minutes Away

April 3, 2019 Consider this list of best home defense guns to ward off intruders while waiting for the authorities to arrive. RELATED: Your Home Invasion Defense Plan | Gun Carrier In this article:...

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The Best Handguns For Home Defense

January 9, 2019 Expand your knowledge about the best handguns for home defense and why these firearms will get the job done. RELATED: Why Carry A Gun: 5 Reasons Why And The 2nd Amendment 10 of the Best...

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Selecting Personal Defense Weaponry: Handgun

December 28, 2018 In this article, you will learn how to choose the handgun that can protect you and your family. In this post: Many Choices of Handguns Switching to a Revolver The Best Handguns for...

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