Nashville Liquor Store Owner Shoots Suspected Shoplifter

June 25, 2020 In Nashville, a liquor store owner shoots a suspected shoplifter and was arrested. Was it self-defense or aggravated assault? Read more about the story below! Liquor Store Owner Shoots...

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Stopping Power: What You Need To Know

June 9, 2020 When it comes to handguns especially, “stopping power” is a term that gets thrown around a lot. But it’s an incredibly elusive topic – and there’s little consistency involved....

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How COVID-19 Has Increased The Need For Gun Ownership

April 6, 2020 There is so much uncertainty around us. The more we aren’t sure when this will be over, the more people grow anxious and scared. Gun ownership is one of the best ways to protect...

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Police Officers Across The Nation Limit Responses To 911 Calls, Making Gun Ownership A Priority Again

March 31, 2020 As the number of coronavirus cases in the United States rises, police officers are finding themselves especially likely to contract the virus. In response to their high exposure potential,...

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Why You See Gun Sales Spiking with Coronavirus

March 23, 2020 The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading fear and panic across the nation. It’s no surprise that people are stockpiling on essentials like food and gas (and toilet paper…). But,...

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The Second Amendment – Why Our Founding Fathers Wanted Us To Have Guns

February 19, 2020 The Second Amendment has proven to be one of the most controversial parts of the Bill of Rights to date. From concealed carry to gun control, questions and hell raisers often surface over...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her | Self-Defense Weapons For Women

February 13, 2020 Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts? If her safety and peace of mind matter to you, then show your undying love and affection by giving your lady self-defense weapons that she can...

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How to Properly Escape a Zip Tie Restraint

October 10, 2019 Zip ties are cheap and easy to come by, making them a very popular option when it comes to effectively restraining a human being. These things are no joke! So,  we though it might be...

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.32 H&R Magnum: When Peeing On Yourself To Prevent Rape Don’t Work

October 2, 2019 The .32 H&R Magnum may look cute, but don’t underestimate this small revolver, because it may just be the perfect self-defense weapon for you! RELATED: Modern Self-Defense: .357...

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How To Survive Animal Attacks

September 10, 2019 Learn how to survive animal attacks with this guide and live to tell your survival tale! RELATED: Wild Animal Attacks | What To Do When Attacked By Ferocious Beasts In this article: Bear...

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