Home Defense Shotgun vs. Home Defense Handgun

December 9, 2015 Statistics have shown that there are approximately 8,000 home invasions per day throughout North America. Sadly, 38% of all assault cases and 60% of sexual assaults occur during these...

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Everything Guns Episode 4 | Glock Handguns Cleaned

August 4, 2015 Episode 4: How to Clean Glock Handguns Glock handguns are some of the most widely issued and carried handguns in the world. The Glock is known for being a reliable weapon — but as...

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VIDEO: How To Disarm A Gunman From Behind | Handgun Disarming Techniques

June 19, 2015 Nothing will make you feel more vulnerable than when a gunman is leading you somewhere with a gun pointed to your back. Such a situation might feel helpless, like there is no way to escape...

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VIDEO: How To Disarm A Gun Held to Your Head | Handgun Disarming Techniques

June 12, 2015 What do you do if someone pulls a gun on you? Even worse, is there a way to escape safely if they have their gun pointed at your head? In such a situation, it’s important to think...

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Educating Kids on Gun Safety

May 7, 2015 If you have children and you have guns at home, it is necessary to teach the young ones about how to use the firearms safely and store them properly. You need to protect your children from...

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Target Practice Tips for Long Range Hunting

May 4, 2015 Target practice is essential for any shooter or hunter. If long range hunting is your area of expertise, target practice is especially important to perfect your skills. Many hunters will...

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Shooting Range Tips and Etiquette pt. 2

April 20, 2015 On a recent visit to a shooting range here in Washington State, I was very disappointed in a group of gun owners and how their actions reflected on all of us who conduct ourselves...

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Shooting Range Safety and Etiquette pt. 1

April 17, 2015 I have the advantage  of growing up in a firearms friendly state (Arizona) and have been shooting since my youth in the 1960’s. Upon leaving military service, I became a law...

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Self Defense Tips| Body Armor Can Save Your Life

April 13, 2015 Whether you are a gun collector, enthusiast, practical or professional shooter or simply carry a gun for self defense, you may have thought about getting a bulletproof vest. That is if you...

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Gun Shooting Safety | Keep Your Finger off the Trigger

March 18, 2015 Practice The 4 Rules of Gun Safety at all times, and don’t jump the gun. by Chris Catanese Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot!! You hear it all the time,...

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