Counter-Protestor Assaults Trump Supporter, Has Gun Pulled on Him

October 27, 2020 Over the weekend, a counter-protestor assaulted a Trump supporter, which led to him pulling his gun. Here’s what we know so far. Is It Self-Defense? Or an Act of Violence? A group of...

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Appeal of Seattle Safe Storage Law Proves a Win for 2A Supporters

October 26, 2020 What is the Seattle safe storage law all about? And why is it under fire? Here’s what we know so far! Seattle Safe Storage Law: What’s Wrong With It? A lawsuit filed in 2018...

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Newsom Signs Bill On Gun Tracing Technology, Conflicts With NRA

October 22, 2020 What is the new gun tracing technology In California all about? And why does the NRA not like it? Here’s what we know so far. California’s Gun Tracing Technology: For Better or...

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Social Unrest Causes Guns And Ammo Demands To Skyrocket In The Mid-South

October 21, 2020 Lots of vocal Americans on Twitter and other social media sites have claimed that people are purchasing fewer guns, using these “stats” to support the argument that gun ownership is...

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Barrett’s Views On The Second Amendment – Likely Based on History and Tradition 

October 20, 2020 Amy Coney Barrett might shake things up when she takes her seat in Congress. What will this change mean to gun owners? What shapes Barrett’s views on the second amendment. Barrett on...

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Armed Far-Right Protester Arrested At Portland Rally

October 19, 2020 Protester arrested. Are you still surprised by the news? Before you make any judgments, let’s look at what happened in the Portland rally below. Protester Arrested: Did He Deserve It?...

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Philadelphia Sues Pennsylvania in Effort to Enact Stronger Gun Control Laws

October 16, 2020 With the growing number of casualties and incidents, Philadelphia sues Pennsylvania in the hopes of the latter enacting stronger gun control laws. Philadelphia Sues Pennsylvania: Will This...

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Judge Approves Remington Arms Bankruptcy Sale at Auction

October 8, 2020 The Remington Arms bankruptcy sale was a success and Judge Jessup approves it. Here’s the lowdown on the auction that happened. Remington Arms Bankruptcy in Hindsight The Remington...

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Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Could Tip the Supreme Court Scales On Second Amendment Cases

October 6, 2020 The Supreme Court has elected not to take Second Amendment cases for the last decade, despite interest by some justices in doing so. Four judges must agree to take a case in order for it to...

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Albuquerque New Anti-Gun Bills Explained

October 1, 2020 There are three new Albuquerque gun bills passed recently. What do these gun bills say? Let’s dive deeper into these new bills below. Albuquerque Gun Bills: Attention Gun Owners...

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