Introduction To Competition Action Shooting

December 1, 2016 Competitive Shooting Overview – Action Sports When someone says “competitive shooting,” you probably have an image in your head of what that looks like. What you might not know is...

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[Video] Man Shoots His Own Leg, Narrowly Missing Artery, Lives To Tell Tale

November 30, 2016 This next video obviously took a set of very large stones to film. To come before an incredibly critical world where firearms are looked down upon and admit that a mistake was made is...

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Gear Review: Nexbelt, The Carry Belt With No Holes

October 5, 2016 Nexbelt tactical belt Inside-waistband gun carriers know that a belt is for much more than keeping your pants up. The Nexbelt, “the belt with no holes,” has proven itself to be a...

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The Ins And Outs Of Shooting Steel Targets

September 27, 2016 Steel Target Fun Almost anybody who has shot a handgun or a rifle has shot at paper targets of some type. They’re often the only targets allowed at indoor ranges, and they’re common...

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Was This Man Justified To Pull His Firearm?

September 14, 2016 Something that many people don’t agree on, is when it’s okay to pull a firearm. I was looking to post a “stupid people with guns” post, so we can analyze more of what people...

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Rifle Review: Battle Rifle Company's Cutlass AR-15

September 12, 2016 Battle Rifle Company’s Cutlass AR-15 Battle Rifle Company (BRC) of Houston has produced an outstanding rifle in their Cutlass model, made on the company’s BR-4 platform and chambered in...

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The Libertarian Ticket's Stance On Guns:

September 9, 2016 A while back, I wrote an article about Donald Trump's stance on guns. If you haven't yet read that one, I suggest you do because it is very enlightening. At that time, Donald hadn't yet...

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Rifle Review: The Affordable FN-15 1776

September 8, 2016 In an attempt to get as many rifles into the hands of gun-loving Americans as possible, many firearms makers have begun making a more affordable line of the popular sporting rifles, we've...

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To Pull The Trigger, Or Not: That Is The Question

August 24, 2016 At least some of the time, simply showing a gun to a would be attacker is enough to scare him away. Though this is clearly not always the case, or we’d never have to actually pull the...

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How Filming Yourself Can Make You A Better Shooter

August 18, 2016 If you shoot anywhere that allows cameras or recording, you’ve probably seen someone with their cell phone out, taking photos or videos of a shooter. Besides making for some cool social...

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