Breaking News: THE CDC shows a sense of humor

Breaking News: THE CDC shows a sense of humor

Commentary:  Apparently the CDC does have a sense  of humor.  The interactive novella has a very interesting animation style.    The plot is a little ho hum and the twist ending seems like something out of  a 1980’s era tv drama or “story” as my grandmother calls them. The writing seems a little dull but it would really appeal to younger audiences as the country seems to have been swept up in the “zombie craze”. Although the zombie pandemic is  pretty far fetched it does help bring home the idea of preparedness.

CDC has a fun way of teaching about emergency preparedness. Our graphic novel, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy. Readers follow Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a strange new disease begins spreading, turning ordinary people into zombies. Stick around to the end for a surprising twist that will drive home the importance of being prepared for any emergency. Included in the novel is a Preparedness Checklist so that readers can get their family, workplace, or school ready before disaster strikes. Click on the image below to view the novella. A transcript can be found by clicking on the “accessible text” PDF. You can also download the novella on Google books hereExternal Web Site Icon or download a printable pdf versions here.

Read the Zombie novella, for an accessible version, click the link below this image.

Accessible text version Adobe PDF file

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Breaking News: THE CDC shows a sense of humor

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