Have You Seen The Cellphone Gun?

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July 12, 2021 / Comments (25)

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What if you did not have to conceal your self-defense handgun? The cellphone gun blends well with standard smartphones making it virtually undetectable in plain sight.

Here is what to expect from the cellphone gun.

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A Closer Look into the Amazing Cellphone Gun

Aesthetics and Size

Man aiming pistol in shooting range Cellphone gun SS

The cellphone gun, better known as Ideal Conceal, shares many similarities with the Old Life Card 22 as far as aesthetics and design go. The main difference is that the cellphone gun is bigger than the Old Life Card 22. As the name suggests, however, the cellphone gun is almost the same size as standard smartphones, only several inches thicker.

The Old Life Card 22

A man policeman or robber gangster concealing Cellphone gun SS

In addition to being smaller than the cellphone gun, the Old Life Card 22 is manufactured by a different company and has another mechanism. It unfolds into a small self-defense pistol, but it is the size of a credit card as far as height and length go, but it is somewhat thicker when folded.

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It features a trigger that effortlessly reveals when unfolded and a hammer that allows you to pop up the barrel when dropped. The Old Life Card 22 is chambered in the readily 22-long-rifle, is easy to load, cock and fire.

Note: It comes with a small holster

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The Ideal Conceal

A man draws a small concealed handgun out of his pocket Cellphone gun SS

Like the Old Life Card 22, the Ideal Conceal unfolds from a regular rectangular shape into a shootable firearm. What’s more, it features a detent that is in place to lock your grip down and expose the trigger.

The Ideal conceal cellphone gun comes with two 380-chambered barrels that open up like a break open double-barrel shotgun. Keep in mind that the two-inch barrel on the Ideal Conceal comes rifled, which every gun owner will appreciate.

The barrel also features a grooved sliding lever on top that allows you to unlock and lock your chamber in place before and after loading. Since the cellphone gun is not designed for long shots that require aiming, it comes with a small rudimentary sight.


  • The chamber has a manual extractor that you push to remove the shell
  • To fold the cellphone gun back, you only need to press the same detent and close

Pros of the Ideal Conceal

  • It is easy to conceal
  • Accurate when well-aimed for as far as 20 yards
  • You can carry it loaded as its grip covers the trigger when folded
  • It’s completely unidentifiable when in the pocket

Cons of the Ideal Conceal

  • Doesn’t automatically eject shells
  • It might not be fast enough in the beginning.
  • The grip eats into your hand, making the gun uncomfortable to handle
  • The trigger is somewhat heavy, which can be a challenge in a self-defense situation
  • Does not come with a safety
  • Has a low load capacity

Watch this video BestProducts on 5 best compact 9mm handguns:

There you go, gun enthusiasts. The cellphone is the best gun in the world, but it is also not the worst. It is, however, your go-to everyday carry if you are looking for ultimate concealment.

What’s more, you do not have to spend extra cash on a holster because it fits perfectly well in your trousers or shorts pocket. You will, however, have to find a way to carry extra ammo in case the two in the chamber are not enough.


What do you like most about the cellphone gun?

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25 Responses to :
Have You Seen The Cellphone Gun?

  1. Sandy Johnson says:

    I like everything about it

    1. Imaa sonier says:

      So do I so far

      1. Anonymous says:

        APRIL FOOL!

  2. Richard Nelson says:

    OK, but lacks the punch of a Bond Arms .45LC/.410 derringer, which is also 2 shot single action and readily drops spent cases. It shoots ALL .410 including 3” with five 000 buck or slugs. The Bond Arms derringer can be reconfigured in any of half a dozen calibers and several barrel lengths from .22 to the 45LC/.410 quickly and easily by swapping out the upper. It’s small, but with a spur for the third finger on the grip is easy to manage. I do use an inside pancake holster for mine for concealment though.

    1. Tam O'Shanter says:

      Yes! Have that Bond Arms derringer and it is quality. I use .410 mags with buckshot and copper discs. That will ruin an intruder’s day.

    2. Steven Morrison says:

      I love my Snake Slayer 4

  3. Ima O Sonier says:

    This one sounds etter

  4. Ima Sonier says:

    This one sou is better

  5. Ima Sonier says:

    This one sounds better

  6. Linda says:

    Is this a cellphone too, or just a gun?

  7. Robyn Elyse says:

    All the above is more my choosing .
    Would I purchase it ,Yes, in a NY MINUTE.

  8. GomeznSA says:

    Either I’m as blind as a bat or there wasn’t a picture of this critter. Nor what it costs……….or availability.
    With all of the proven pocket guns out there, why would anyone want to depend on something with as many cons’ as were listed in the article? Maybe they hope to smuggle it into somewhere pretending it is a ‘cellphone’ that a normal gun won’t go…………….

    1. Aaron Dean says:

      Go to ideal conceal website to see it. This is a cops worst nightmare.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Aaron – I shouldn’t have to go surfing – a complete article would have included at least one pic – just sayin’ – thanks for the tip.

        1. Aaron Dean says:

          You are correct, the article not showing the gun is almost as dumb as the idea of a gun that looks like a cellphone.

  9. Aaron Dean says:

    Dumbest idea ever. Now cops have an even harder time distinguishing an armed suspect. Are you just trying to get people shot?

    1. Dennis F says:

      Of course that would require the “cops” doing their job in the first place !

  10. Silver Fox says:

    You hid the cell phone “look “ really good! I did not see the phone at all. 😂

  11. Leonard jay smith says:

    Sounds fantastic I want one how much

  12. David S. Pyle says:

    I also “like” everything about this so-called cell phone gun!!

  13. Bob says:

    no i haven’t. and apparently this article has no photos to give me an idea of what the stupid thing looks like!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Yes I would buy one, I’m currently trying to stock up on my self defense weapons.

  15. Dennis F says:

    It should be called the “Ghost Gun” cause you can’t even see it !

  16. BARBARA Edwards says:


  17. Rich A. says:

    Honestly, some of your articles are informative and entertaining, but the photos you include are RARELY appropriate or accurate. Do your due diligence and find the correct photos to accompany your articles.

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