5 Practical Tricks To Choosing Deer Hunting Clothes

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October 30, 2019 / Comments Off on 5 Practical Tricks To Choosing Deer Hunting Clothes

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While some hunters spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on deer hunting clothes, others prefer to be more practical. Although high end apparel may provide more versatility, a $50 camo will do its job as well. It's all a matter of looking at the right place, knowing what to look for, and trying out what works for you. Read on if you're up for some practical tricks to choosing deer hunting clothes.

5 Practical Tricks To Choosing Deer Hunting Clothes

Deer hunting clothes can make or break the outcome of your hunt. When you're out in the field wearing a very uncomfortable set of clothes, it may prevent you from concentrating on the hunt itself. Furthermore, apparel that make too much noise will spook deer out making you leave empty handed. This may be a lot to consider but you'll have to be practical as well, especially for beginners. You don't want to invest so much on things you're not even sure about in the first place. Here are some practical tips on choosing your deer hunting clothes.

Tip #1: Pick weather or climate appropriate clothes

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The primary function of your clothes is to protect your body from the elements. As such, you should wear clothes appropriately with respect to the weather. Of course, you don't wanna wear something too thin on a chilly winter day 'cause you'd freeze to death. Conversely, you'd wanna wear something light in the warmer seasons. Furthermore, the environment's natural color scheme change with the seasons so wearing a camo that'd blend in with nature is the best option.

Tip #2: Get waterproof clothes

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A good way to stay dry and warm is to waterproof your clothes. Sometimes, a waterproof jacket will suffice. However, you'll need to have a water resistant pair of pants and boots as well if you're hunting in a wet environment. Wearing GoreTex fabric is great for waterproofing your clothes. The only consequence you'll have to face is how pricey it gets and it easily tears.

Tip #3: Never get cotton shirts and jeans

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Cotton and jeans are comfortable when you're in the city but it's not the type of clothes you wanna wear on the field. For one, clothes made from these materials take a long time to dry. In addition, they're heavier than your usual outdoor clothing. Furthermore, deer can see the color blue as clear as the sky. Be sure to wear stretchable polyester clothes for comfort and, they don't easily tear if they get caught up in something.

Tip #4: Be sure you have enough layers

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If you're hunting in cold conditions, be sure to wear enough layer of clothes on. When hunting below zero, I always make it a point to wear at least three layers of clothing. For the base layer, I have a compression shirt and a sweater on top of that. The last layer is the waterproof jacket I got from Cabela's for around $80.

Tip #5: Never forget the blaze orange

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No matter how many sets of clothes you have, you should always have blaze orange set for rifle season. The blaze orange plays a detrimental role in reducing rifle-related accidents. Plus, deer aren't very adept at seeing color so it won't present a problem with blending in.

Have a look at Bushcraft412's video on his preferred hunting clothes by clicking play below!

Basically, your deer hunting clothes should be comfortable and it weather-appropriate. Furthermore, they must be able to keep your body from the elements and in the right temperature. Lastly, they should always keep you safe from other hunters during the rifle season. If you have more tips to add to this list, let us know through the comments section!

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