CIA Director Anticipates More ISIS Attacks

November 17, 2013 / Comments (3)



ISIS probably has plans for more attacks “in the pipeline,” according to the head of the CIA, although President Barack Obama’s national security team said over the weekend that the threat to Europe is greater than it is to the U.S.

“I certainly would not consider it a one-off event,” said CIA Director John Brennan, speaking at a Center for Strategic and International Studies forum in Washington on Monday.

“It is clear to me that ISIL has an external agenda, that they are determined to carry out these types of attacks,” he continued, using another term for ISIS. “This is not something that was done in a matter of days. This was carefully planned over the course I think of several months, in terms of making (sure) they had the operatives, the weapons and the explosives with the suicide belts.”

He concluded, “And so I would anticipate this is not the only operation that ISIL has in the pipeline.”

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SIS members have worked hard to learn new ways to conceal their tactics from Western law enforcement entities, according to Brennan.

“There has been a significant increase in the operational security in the number of these operatives in these terrorist networks because they have gone to school on what it is they need to do to keep their activities concealed from the authorities,” he said.


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CIA Director Anticipates More ISIS Attacks

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