A Beginner’s Guide To Using Climbing Chalk For Indoor And Outdoor Climb

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November 1, 2019 / Comments Off on A Beginner’s Guide To Using Climbing Chalk For Indoor And Outdoor Climb

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Why do rock climbers always use climbing chalk?  When you're in a climbing gym or in the company of people in an outdoor climbing event, you would see most of the climbers using chalk.  Chalk is something used to absorb all the moisture that's on your hand to keep it nice and dry.  Pro climbers even use chalk bags attached to the harness especially if it's a long climb.  So wherever you're out climbing and having a great time, you know you gotta keep those hands dry to provide you a better grip

A Beginner's Guide To Using Climbing Chalk For Indoor And Outdoor Climb

Chalk is actually from a rock that is taken and grind down which is formed into powder.  It is probably one of the most integral tools for a climber.  There are a lot of different kinds and brands of climbing chalk that may differ in texture but all to serve a common purpose of keeping your hands dry.  It's one of those things that a climber can't do without.  I've always thought that the use of chalk is limited in the classroom until I realized how athletes are also using it more frequently.  Let's take a look at how important chalk is and how it's used in rock climbing.

1. Keep your hands dry

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Chalks keeps your hands dry and prevents moisture from seeping in. It helps you decide whether to move on to the next hold as well as give you the confidence whether to grab that next hold.

2. Not too much chalk

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Applying too much chalk is actually reducing the friction on your hand.  Chalk is used for you to have a better grip on things.  Just put a little bit on each hand, rub them together, and blow the excess off.

3. Chalk Bag For Storage

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Chalk bags hold your chalk as you traverse the sides of the cliff. It comes in different shapes and sizes where climbers often dip their hands at the back in between moves.  Climbers normally attach the chalk bag to his harness with the use of a carabiner.

4. Chalk to make marks

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Climbers use chalk to mark certain holds on the side of the cliff. This makes it easier for climbers to know where to place their hands and feet. This is called chalk marks or tick marks.

Watch this video about the Metolius Ultralight Chalk bag by rockclimberlife.

Depending on the climber, there has to be a lot more uses of the tools at their disposal.  As you progress, you'll also discover some other ways to utilize your tools.  But for starters, these are the essential things you need to know about climbing chalk.

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