LRA 031 – LRT Out of Ammo/ Competing and Mindset [PODCAST]

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May 19, 2021 / Comments (1)


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LRT Out of Ammo/ Competing and Mindset

  • Bergara MPA combo. Bergara PMR Pro with the MPA BA Comp. 2400 MSRP
  • The state of the industry. Having the stimulus checks definitely helped create a giant surge in demand for custom rifles and components.
  • The OG (old guys) seeing the plateau in new shooters or not enough shooters in matches. Seeing matches controlled by the top guys in the sport and the cost of shooting two-day matches. Seeing the 1-day matches coming back makes it more economical.
  • Jose (competition brings innovation into the industry but we are a very small group in the larger scheme of the precision rifle.)
  • COLE going into shooting matches not thinking that you are competing with the top 10% shooters. You need to compete against the guys that are in the same shooting caliber as you.
  • Solinsky- people switching over to 22 because of the lack of reloading components and it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your equipment. 22 matches everyone is basically on the same page. Learning wind calls is what is going to make or break you in 22lr matches. Also, ammo is still findable where reloading components are hard to find. The availability of ranges to host matches. All you need is 100 yards and you can have a match. The amount of matches that there are as well is double what NRL/PRS are putting out.
  • NRL 22lx match that Jose and John shot was more of an NLR Hunter match with 22lr.
  • Shooting animals in the 22LR hunter series would be more shootable than diamonds and circles.
  • Solinsky wind calls are what make and break a match for people. Whatever you think your wind call is double it.
  • Coles full of excuses.

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