DIY Gun Safes: How To Hide Your Weapons In Plain Sight

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Hiding guns in plain sight calls for tips and tricks from gun experts, so find out about DIY gun safes below!

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How to Conceal Your Weapons with DIY Gun Safes

Make Your Own Gun Safes out of Household Objects

Knowing how and where to conceal your weapons at home in case of an emergency is very important. What’s the point in owning a gun if you can’t access it in an emergency?

What happens if the predator finds your gun before you do. This is where gun safes come into play.

The best gun safes come with a hefty price tag, though. Yet, concealing weapons and guns safely and effectively need not break the bank with DIY gun safes and ideas.

The best way to conceal your weapons so they’re safe, day in and day out, but readily accessible in an emergency is to hide them in plain sight.

This is a free preview of our book: How to Hide Your Guns.

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Why Guns Are More Important Than Ever

It’s easy to make fun of disaster movies, but events like Hurricane Katrina and the devastation of New Orleans are by no means funny. They are proof that as a culture, we really are only three hot meals away from anarchy.

We can’t help the fact that sometimes, systems break. Tornadoes take out power plants, and earthquake-level buildings, and floods erase entire city blocks.

When that happens, survival instincts kick in. People collect food, water, medicine, and whatever else they think they’ll need to make it through the disaster.

It sounds so civilized when described that way. In reality, it means looting.

Most people don’t stock more than 4 days of food at home. Water comes from a tap.

Medicines are things we buy as needed at Walgreens. When that security crumbles, people don’t neatly line up outside a shop.

They don't wait for the manager to fill out a disaster insurance claim while his employees fairly distribute the goods within. The first wave of people show up with money and buy everything they can fit in their cars.

The next wave shows up with weapons and takes whatever is left. If emergency supplies aren’t brought in from an outside source, once well-stocked stores get looted, people will turn to prey on their neighbors.

When an armed group of hungry thugs turns up at your door, you want to be able to greet them with a gun. Preferably, you want everyone in your family to greet them with guns.

In an emergency situation, having a gun on hand isn’t just self-defense. Guns can diffuse a potentially violent situation.

Imagine your hometown has suffered a devastating natural disaster. You’re well prepared and holed up.

Desperate people, a little crazy from both hunger and fear, break into your home. If you’re defending yourself with a mix of baseball bats, a rock in a sock, and broken glass bottles, someone is going to get hurt—probably both you and them.

On the other hand, if someone breaks in and you level a gun at them, they stop. If all goes well, you can now talk them into leaving.

If it goes badly, you can shoot them from a distance without giving them a chance to injure you. People who would cheerfully club you over the head with a broken pipe will back away from a gun.

Being armed protects both you and your potential attacker.

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Hiding and Storing Your Weapons at Home

A gun safe is a wonderful thing for houses with children. However, if a burglar breaks into your house at 2 in the morning, you won’t have time to scramble through the dark, feed it the combination, and then find and load your gun in the dark.

For self-defense purposes, you want your weapons where you can access them at any time. A gun safe is incredibly convenient.

It’s also a good place to store your more valuable guns, any collector items, or weapons your family hasn’t trained with yet. That last part is the most important.

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Before you strategically hide your guns in your home, you need to make sure every single person living there knows where to find them and how to use them.

If you don’t take that precaution, you might as well be arming potential attackers. A gun in the hand of someone who doesn’t know how to use it is a gift to the person they’re defending themselves from.

Before you start storing your guns outside a gun safe, take everyone in your household to a firing range and make sure they know how to use, load, clean, empty, and safely store any weapon you’ve secreted.

Once everyone in your household gets needed training, you want to hide your guns where they’re easily accessible to you but not obvious to strangers…

But wait – where do we hide them? How do we hide them? …under the couch? Behind a frame? Download the book to find out!!

This video from Mattadata2 will show you how DIY gun storage behind a sliding mirror gets done:

I’ve teased you with the introduction. Now you can read the whole book to view the secrets to keeping your weapons hidden beneath your nose.

You can also join the American Gun Association and be a contributing member of the gun carrying society.

So… where do you hide your guns? My secret? A box of fiber one in the cupboard… My kids won’t go near it, and the burglars don’t expect it. Share your own ideas with us in the comments below!


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DIY Gun Safes: How To Hide Your Weapons In Plain Sight |

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DIY Gun Safes: How To Hide Your Weapons In Plain Sight

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