Concealed Carry Facts Every Gun Enthusiast Should Know

Concealed Carry Facts

These concealed carry facts aim to promote discipline and responsibility among gun owners.

Concealed Carry Facts Every Gun Enthusiast Should Know

Gun Safety Comes First

A single thoughtless mistake can put you in a really bad situation if you're not careful. Guns are dangerous if not treated with respect, but what's more dangerous than the weapon itself is the person carrying it.

You gotta be in total control and avoid putting yourself in an unnecessary position that will force you to run out of options. The idea here is to use your weapon only to defend yourself. Firearm safety is our number one concern.

As a gun owner, I feel like it's never enough to have a gun around to keep my family safe. Sometimes, things just happen that are beyond our control.

However, carrying a gun is never enough. Sometimes, carrying a gun can turn a bad situation around, or it can worsen things. This is why concealed carry has always been a hot topic for debate.

While there are benefits to hiding a gun within your person, there's still the issue of personal safety. With that said, I'd be delighted to share a few concealed carry facts that may have been twisted.

I'm not going to start a debate here. Recent shootings have greatly influenced the public mind to the point of ignoring the needed results of implementing the right to carry guns.

Mass Killings Were Avoided with the Help of Armed Civilians

Numerous reports tell of civilians with concealed weapons saving the day against mass shootings. One incident in the Appalachian School of Law reported two men rushing to their vehicles to get their guns. They were able to prevent a mass murder from happening.

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Studies Show a Decrease in Crime Rate in States with Less Restrictive CCW Laws

A 19-year study proves that crimes involving guns are 10% higher in U.S. states with restrictive concealed carry laws. In Texas, crimes about murder, rape, and assault have dramatically dropped in the first two years after their CCW law passed.

States Issuing the Most Number of Concealed Weapons Permits Have Surprisingly Declining Gun-Related Crime Rates

States Issuing the Most Number of Concealed Weapons Permit Have Surprisingly Declining Gun Related Crime Rates | Concealed Carry Facts Every Gun Enthusiast Should Know

Florida state issued a total of 1,327,321 licenses and has seen a decline of -30.5% in violent crime rate change, while Minnesota issued 46,636 licenses with an increase of 8% in crime rate change.

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Shooting Incidents at Bars and Restaurants in Virginia Declined by 5.2% on its First Year of Allowing Concealed Weapons

Bars and other public places where alcohol is sold and people are drinking is where gun crimes are most likely to happen. Crimes involving guns at bars and restaurants in the whole state of Virginia decreased by 5.2%.

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Authorities Believe CCW a Proven Alternative for Preventing Public Shooting

Several cities all over the country in Pearl, Mississippi, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and others have reports of mass shootings that were stopped by people with CCW permits. Even police officers believe this is the best remedy for preventing these types of violent crimes.

A Greater Majority of Americans Believe the Country Is Safer with More People Having a Concealed Carry Permit

A lot of people have defended themselves using concealed weapons. This is the only possible way that people with physical disabilities are able to defend themselves from potential attackers. Stories told about there are more Americans who say no to CCW permits are false.

Sixty-six Percent of the Country's Police Chiefs Have Attributed the Decreased Rate of Violent Crimes to More People Carrying Concealed Weapons

Reports about police officers disagreement about civilians with concealed weapons have no statistical basis. Can armed civilians prevent violent crimes? Policemen believe so, according to several sureys.

Watch this video by Civil Advantage of how a mass shooting at New Life Church in Colorado Springs was stopped by a legal gun owner:

It is natural for people to freak out when violent crimes about mass shootings surface the news or the internet. Yet we can't simply ignore the many lives that were saved due to the approval of concealed carry in a lot of States.

Do you believe that concealed carry can really prevent violent crimes? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Concealed Carry Facts Every Gun Enthusiast Should Know

  1. USPatriotOne says:

    As the NRA Stated…”Only a Good Guy with a Gun can STOP a Bad Guy with a Gun! This is basic logic, but the now Communist/DemoRat/NWO Party does not use logic in any conversation, they just LIE and LIE and LIE to the American People and the World..!!! And not just about Guns and Gun Safety, but they LIE about Global Warming, which is not happening, they LIE DAILY, even HOURLY, about our New President Trump (who has done more for our Nation in one week than Obama did in 8 years in office), if a Commie/DemoRatNWO/Liberal has their mouth open they are LYING to “We the People”…PERIOD..!!! You think, how could anyone support these LYING Commie/NWO/DemoRat Monsters? The Mental Health Community answered that question 2 years ago…The Liberal Mindset is a form of insanity, and that said it all…They are insane/Crazy People, that’s why logic has no effect on them…they are NUTS! God help us, PLEASE!

  2. Dave Harris says:

    Right on USPatriotOne, The libs don’t ever learn. When the violence breaks out, what’s the first thing you do? Call the Police. Why? they have guns. I’m a veteran that’s been carrying concealed for 32 years. I’ve only unholstered my weapon once. The Only good guy with a gun doesn’t work for liberals cuz there is no such thing as a good guy to them, just another wacko with a gun. Don’t let the liberals fool ya, the first time they have a loaded weapon stuck in their face, if they survive, they will be looking to purchase a gun. If not that just shows how stupid they are.

  3. Edward Olivares says:

    Better to always have a concealed gun in Your possession and never ever to need it, than to need it just once and not have it. In that unique case You may lose your life, or lose the life of a loved on, friend, or stranger whom You could have saved if You had the concealed weapon!

  4. Larry says:

    The best way for a bad man or woman to continue to do bad things is for a good man to do nothing. Good responsible people who carry can and will be the deterrent to those who seek to harm and kill innocent’s.

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