How To Cook Food On A Rock

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Have you ever tried to cook food on a rock? Learn this awesome survival skill as you read through this post!

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Learn How to Cook Food on a Flat Rock

Basic Outdoor Cooking

In order to cook outdoors, you don't need a fancy camping stove, grill or griddle. You don't even need basic cooking tools like a frying pan.

Of course, having those things helps make outdoor cooking more convenient, just like when we cook food at home… but the truth is, you can cook a fantastic outdoor meal with just a fire and some rocks.

Obviously, this isn't your typical household cooking with the usual kitchen utensils for your convenience. However, it's a brilliant idea in case you're in an unexpected survival situation and without your bugout bag.

When you're starving, you want to cook food fast. You have to be resourceful enough to utilize what's available in the surrounding area.

Today, we'll use bacon as an example to cook food easy. Follow these simple instructions for survival cooking with the use of a rock!

Step 1: Choose a Spot for the Fireplace

Look for a stable and secure location to set up your rock fireplace.

Step 2: Find Rocks for the Cooking Surface

Search the surroundings for rocks you'll be using to construct the fireplace. A flat rock such as granite is great for cooking food, and other stones to support and elevate the cooking surface.

Note: Make sure to get rocks from a dry location and not the ones near a river or creek. A wet rock will expand when heated up which will cause it to explode dangerously.

Step 3: Build a Fire Under the Flat Rock

Build a fire underneath the stone frying pan to get it ready for cooking. You can pour a little water on it to check if it's level enough.

It will also tell you if the rock is ready to cook on when the water turns to steam.

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Step 4: Maintain the Flame

Keep the fire stocked up with small sticks and branches. The sticks will burn quickly, so use it to maintain the flame to even the heat.

Step 5: Start Cooking

Place the food you want to cook on the hot surface. Foods that are greasy are the best to cook on a rock frying pan.

Bacon, for example, has oil that naturally keeps it from sticking to the cooking surface.

Step 6: Use the Oil to Cook Other Foods

Once the oil is extracted from the bacon, you can use it to fry other foods you want to include in your meal.

Step 7: Make Sure the Grease Doesn't Spill

Keep a steady-burning fire and make sure your food is thoroughly cooked. Never turn your back on your food while cooking.

The grease can go down and create a larger grease fire which can burn the food.

Step 8: Meal Time

Remove the food from the rock frying pan and start eating!

The video below from Outdoor Life on YouTube shows you how to use rocks as an outdoor cooking surface:

How's that for another awesome addition to your survival skills? All you need to do is look for a flat dry rock and other stones to support it.

No one's stopping you from bringing your favorite cooking set for camping purposes. But if for some reason you don't have them with you, this method is a great alternative for cooking.

No frying pan, no problem!

Do you know other ways to cook food in the wild? Share them with us in the comments section below!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 7, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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