[Watch This] Cool Survival Tricks: Make Fire Without Matches

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Watch this cool video of survival tricks to make fire without matches and be amazed at how easy it was all along. With this awesome pump drill and making fire will be as easy as using a lighter. Follow this pump drill tutorial by Tom Mcelroy-Wild Survival and start making fire the primitive way!

[Watch This] Cool Survival Tricks: Make Fire Without Matches

Pump-Drill That Produces Fire Effortlessly

If you're in a long term survival situation, having a hand drill isn't exactly time-efficient and it definitely takes a lot of effort. However, with a little innovation, the pump-drill will be very handy when trying to start a fire. It uses much of the simplistic ingenuity that the primitive tools has been providing us since the beginning of time.

There's not much of a difference with the pump drill and its ancestor the hand drill. The concept is basically the same, but the pump drill as it name says, has a pump motion that can easily use momentum for the force it requires to re-spin the bow. With its fantastic design and architecture, making fire won't take as much time and energy as it once used to. Nonetheless, this idea won't be easy to pull off in newly emerged survival scenarios but is definitely helpful for long term survival.

All in all, when in a survival situation, time and energy is one of the most important resources that should be allocated methodically. Failure to do so may lead to death in worst case scenarios so better think first before deciding on anything. With this new tool, you should be able to conserve both time and energy most efficiently.

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