11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts

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A flashlight stun gun or a medieval pushpin? How about both! These and more cool weapons you can gift your loved ones this holiday season.

Check out this amazing roundup of handy weapons perfect as gifts!

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11 Astonishingly Cool Weapons That Everyone Will Love

1. Credit Card Knife

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts

Who needs a pocket knife when this handy piece handles sharp knife tasks with the same finesse? People who love being equipped will appreciate this as a gift because, besides being a practical and functional tool, it is more subtle to carry.

Also, unlike a pocket knife, people will not struggle to figure out your intentions when you take it out in public.

  • It is lightweight
  • The blade edge is protected when in storage.

2. Medieval Pushpins

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts Are you a Robin Hood fan? Then these melee weapons pushpins are what you need to get them. Aside from these being a playful way to emphasize something, they will also add personality to their office space.

What cool way for a manager to remind employees of a staff meeting with a machete pushpin on a memo?

3. Self-defense Plastic Spikes

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts Self-defense doesn’t always have to be lethal. Plastic spikes on shoe laces will add a significant impact on anyone’s kicks. What’s more, anyone can easily use them regardless of the level of their self-defense training.

These plastic spikes come in various colors to blend in perfectly with any shoe color.

4. Self-defense Pen

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts What better way to prepare your loved ones for emergencies than with this tactical self-defense pen? This survival gadget comes with a ballpoint tip for a smooth writing experience on one end and a glass breaker carbide tip on the other side to shatter car windows in case of emergencies.

Gun Owners Handbook
  • The pen is refillable with fisher and standard space pens refill.
  • Even with such complexity, the pen is lightweight.

5. Samurai Keychain Knife

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts Does your loved one or sibling love the Japanese culture? They will love this Samurai pocket knife that also doubles as a keychain. Though it might easily pass as a simple keychain at first glance, it comes with a 440C steel tanto blade and an equally strong titanium handle to jump into the defense when need be.

6. The Wolverine Claw

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts The real-life wolverine doesn’t get any better than this 17-inch hand and bone claw. Besides being a weapon that will strike fear in any human being, it also makes a beautiful indoor decoration that adds a personal touch to their space.

Protection aside, these nine and a half blades will come in handy at piercing practically anything anywhere.

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7. Claw Knife

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts A serpentine wood claw knife is not a bad idea for a Christmas gift for a person who enjoys spending time outdoors. It is perfect to scare away any ill-intentioned people, and will help in the effortless execution of most outdoor activities.

8. Ninja Sword Letter Opener

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts You will love this miniature Samurai sword if you are looking for a more pronounced Japanese inspired gift for your loved one. The set comes with eight-inch and ten-inch swords with stainless steel blades that make the perfect letter openers.

This gift will make a great centerpiece on any office desk at home or work.

9. Self-defense Mug

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts Any outdoor-loving person will love this self-defense ceramic mug with an easy-grip knuckle shaped design. Hot beverages during camping and coyote hunting couldn’t be taken from more classy and unique coffee mugs. If anything, it wouldn’t hurt to be on full guard while at it.

10. Zip Blade

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts With Christmas fast approaching, having a tiny blade will come in handy as far as opening gifts is concerned. The Gerber Zip comes with a zipper attachment for more comfortable carrying every day. Though relatively small, the zipper attachment also reduces chancing of misplacing.

It comes with a frame lock function for safety.

11. Flashlight Stun Gun

11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts Stun guns do an excellent job at dazing someone as a way of self-defense. It is even better when the stun gun comes with a flashlight to help light the way for your loved ones. And a belt and holster for convenient carrying.

With this, your loved ones have a chance of staying safe even without any training.

Watch this video from The Daily Shooter on the top 10 Christmas gifts for gun people:

Weapons don’t always have to be large. Sometimes even the smallest pieces can be functional. Also, smaller weapons are convenient to carry around, making them more useful. When choosing cool weapons for gifts, consider the other person’s preference and personality, and you will be on the right track.

What other cool weapons will you be gifting this Christmas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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