9 Coyote Hunting Gear Must-Haves

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Many who try coyote hunting out of curiosity end up loving it. Unsurprisingly, these hunters become more invested in the game and want to try better strategies. If you are this dedicated hunter who is looking to up your coyote hunting experience, this Coyote Hunting Gear Checklist is perfect for you.

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Coyote Hunting Gear Checklist

Basic Coyote Hunting Gear

1. Night Vision Scope

9 Coyote Hunting Gear Must-Haves

New coyote hunters start off hunting in the broad daylight because it is easier. However, if you are seeking a new and thrilling experience, you can try hunting at night. After all, it is the best time to hunt coyotes since predators are most active from late nights to dawn. For you to have an advantage, make sure you have a trusty night vision scope to help you see through the darkness.

2. Hunting Lights


Hunting lights can help you spot coyotes because of their ability to capture ‘eye shine'. These are most helpful when you're hunting in the dark. There are several versions of this hunting equipment: handheld, gun-mounted, or even head-mounted. Simply find the one you think will be most comfortable for you to swing back and forth for a long period.

3. Coyote Call


A coyote call is a definite must-have regardless of the time you’re hunting. It can lure in unsuspecting predators like coyotes, by imitating the sound of dying animals. Depending on which you are more comfortable with, you can choose between an electronic call and a manual call. If you're not yet used to the manual call, the electronic call is your best bet.

4. Camouflage

Hunter Camouflage | Coyote Hunting Gear Checklist

You can never go wrong with using an attire to conceal yourself while hunting for coyotes. The closer you look to nature, the better chances you'll get at catching coyotes off guard. Remember, these predators are cautious creatures, so you can’t be complacent in any aspect of the hunt.

5. Weapon of Choice

Rifle | Coyote Hunting Gear Checklist

Predator hunters have different preferences when it comes to their rifles and ammo. We recommend you find the ones you think would fit your wants and needs the most. It might be helpful for you to see out what other hunters have to say about finding the best hunting weapon.

Advanced Coyote Hunting Gear

Once you have experienced the thrills of hunting coyotes at night and realize that this is something you would like to keep on doing, you can amplify your hunt by equipping yourself with these extra gears.

6. Decoys

Decoy, Predator Hunting | Coyote Hunting Gear Checklist

The major purpose of decoys is to bring your hunt close enough for you to shoot. They can help you deceive your target into thinking that there is nearby prey making it easier for you to go in for the kill.

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7. Lures/Scents


Speaking of deceiving your target, scents or essences mimic the smell of animal prey are proven to lure in predators like decoys do. Add these to your list of coyote hunting gears and you'll surely have an easier time hunting for coyotes.

8. GPS and/or Scout Cameras


Depending on how advanced your equipment’s specs are, a GPS or a scout camera can help you narrow down the location of your target.

9. Shooting Tripod


Much like how shooting chairs help you hunt in fixed positions, shooting tripods make it easier for you to hunt with greater precision. Since hunting usually takes a while, balancing your weapon on stable equipment can help you remain consistent with your shooting accuracy.

Additional: Coyote Hunting Tips

Preparation wins half the battle. Now that you already have the essential coyote hunting gears in mind, you can start thinking of the best ways for you to have a successful hunt. To help you out, here are some things you need to know before you set foot in the hunting field.

To do:

  • Scout the area beforehand. One thing rookie hunters downplay is thoroughly scouting the hunting area and finding the best spot to hunt game. Knowing your terrain well puts you in a better position when hunting and can even help keep you safe when unexpected events turn up during your hunt.
  • Use the call right away. Call sound can take a while to travel depending on the terrain you are hunting in. The sooner you use the call, the sooner the call sound will travel and attract coyotes.
  • Be strategic. The coyotes you’re hunting may have already seen the usual tactics hunters use, so you need to employ tactics they are not too familiar with to increase the likelihood of your success. Using baits in the likes of deer carcass or taking advantage of visuals/lights will really amplify your hunt.
  • Have patience. It may take a while for you to spot coyotes, more so successfully shoot one. Giving up too quickly immediately robs you of the success you could have enjoyed had you only waited it out a little longer.

On the flip side, here are some things to watch out for, night or day, to ensure your safety and success during your hunt.

Things not to do:

  • Make unnecessary noise. There are some hunters who carelessly make noise prior to heading to their shooting spots. Animals are smart creatures. Noise in the likes of slamming car doors can shoo away your target and can make your hunt more difficult than it’s supposed to be.
  • Cling onto a spot too much. Coyotes are intelligent. If you keep on using the same spot for hunting, they will know to avoid that area. This will lessen your chances of success. Consistently scouting for a good spot is truly key when it comes to hunting any animal.
  • Get ahead of yourself. After successfully shooting your target, getting too excited could be dangerous. Before retrieving your game, make sure you have scouted the area once more to check if there are other surrounding creatures so as to make sure that none will pose a threat. Coming with a companion is a good safety precaution to lessen the chances of encountering another wild animal.

Bring in more strategy to your next hunt by checking out this video on how to set traps for canines like coyotes.

Hunting coyotes can be a fun and fulfilling experience, especially if you come in geared for success. While nothing beats learning in the field, coming in with these tools and knowledge will definitely amplify your hunt and make it a more exciting one.

Any other tips and tricks up your sleeve? Comment them down below!

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