Frequently Asked Questions About Coyote Hunting at Night

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A common misconception about coyotes is that they'll come in packs straight to your site if you make a few noises. This is far from reality. Here are some crucial tips to help beginners maximize their session of coyote hunting at night!

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Coyote Hunting at Night

Is It Better to Hunt Coyotes in the Morning or Evening?

Coyotes are nocturnal canines, which means they are much more active at night. Ideally, the best time to hunt coyotes would be anywhere from 5 P.M. to 5 A.M.

One can easily track footprints and trails of packs since they tend to do their hunting during these times. Plus, they're more vocal, so you'll be able to trace their howls as well.

Male hunter in camouflage clothes ready to hunt with hunting rifle | coyote hunting at night in KY

Of course, you can still choose to hunt coyotes during the day. You may be able to draw in at least two or three coyotes if you position yourself near their hideout and use an excellent bait such as a squealing rabbit or a high-quality digital game caller.

Just don't expect a large pack to come running to you.  As we said, most coyotes are asleep during these times, so they might not even be able to hear your call.

How Do You Find a Good Coyote Hunting Spot?

Having trouble baiting coyotes? If you have a good game caller and are hunting at timeframes when these canines are most active, then the problem might be with your chosen hunting spot.

No matter how many live rabbits you have crying, not a single coyote will respond if you're in a faraway location. You need to be as close to their hideout as possible.

hunter wearing orange and looking through spotting scope | coyote hunting at night in missouri

Unfortunately, finding a good hunting spot is easier said than done. It's not that the task is difficult for beginners, but rather, scouting in the dark—even with a good flashlight—is near impossible to do.

The best approach here is to do your scouting during the day. Do a few rounds to locate where the coyotes often sleep, eat, drink, and rest.

Are There Any Hunting Limits on Coyotes?

There are generally no hunting limits on coyotes. In the majority of states, hunters are allowed to hunt as many coyotes as their group can.

Note, however, that some areas may have specific protection laws. States might require hunters to limit themselves to only a handful of coyotes during certain months, or perhaps they are not allowed to possess more than two or three coyotes all year round.

Pack of coyotes in winter | coyote hunting at night in kansas

For example, in Alaska, hunters are limited to hunting 10 coyotes per day during the months of August to May. The daily limit further drops to a measly 2 coyotes if you choose to hunt anywhere from September to April.

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Will a .22 LR Kill a Coyote?

There are hunters who ask if they can use a .22 LR for coyote hunting at night. The simple answer to the question is yes. There's no doubt that a .22 LR can effectively kill any type of coyote you might encounter on your trip.

However, it might not be the best choice for all hunters. If you're looking for something a little more suitable and equipped for hunting, try exploring other coyote hunting rifles such as the AR-15.

Autumn hunting season. Woman hunter with a gun. Hunting in the woods. | coyote hunting at night in arkansas

The AR-15 is a well-known rifle used not just by hunters, but by military personnel and law enforcement officers as well. It has almost the same bullet size as a .22 LR, is backed by significantly more gunpowder, has a higher velocity, and is overall more powerful.

Perhaps the only edge a .22 LR has over an AR-15 is it's cheaper. Shooters know just how pricey it can get to equip and modify your AR-15.

How Far Can a Coyote Smell?

Coyotes have a powerful nose capable of recognizing unique scents even at a radius of 350 yards. If you have strong-smelling bait and are positioned anywhere within 300 yards of them, then it's guaranteed that you'll at least grab their attention.

The only problem here is that if the coyotes can smell your bait, then they can smell you as well. Trust us, no matter how strong or potent the smell of your bait is, they won't come near it if they detect your presence.

Hunting Coyote | coyote hunting at night in pa

A good approach here is to completely erase your scent. First, wash your clothes with odor-free detergent. Do not use laundry products that will leave any type of smell—no matter how faint—on your hunting clothes.

Second, bathe with unscented soap and shampoo. These are good investments, especially if you like to use perfume and cologne a lot on the days you're not hunting.

Third, don't wear your hunting clothes in your car. Your car is filled with all kinds of scents you won't commonly find in the wild. If the coyote gets a whiff of your air freshener, car seats, or even hand sanitizer, they're sure to turn tail and hide back in the woods.

What you can do is carry your coyote hunting gear and clothes in an unscented bag and only wear them when it's time to hunt. Opt to gear up and strip off your clothes at the hunting site.

Lastly, use a good scent remover. There are lots of brands out there guaranteed to remove traces of unnatural scents and odors on the human body.

Can You Eat Coyote?

Those who hunt deer, pheasants, and ducks often choose to eat their game afterward, but what about coyotes? Do hunters also eat the coyotes they shoot?

If you're asking whether you can eat a coyote, then yes, you could eat it. However, not many people like the strong, gamey flavor of its meat, so it's not really a popular food option even among hunters.

Dead Coyote Fence | coyote hunting at night in wisconsin

In most cases, hunters often skin and tan the hide then sell them to ranchers and farmers, among others. If you shot a particularly large coyote, you can bring the carcass to a taxidermist and then have it cleaned, stuffed, and mounted.

Meanwhile, those who are shooting for bounties and are killing coyotes by the packs can opt to leave the bodies on the ground.

Looking for more tips about coyote hunting at night? Check out this video by KYAfield:

Overall, the key to a successful session of coyote hunting at night is preparation. Make sure you scout the area properly beforehand, bring well-maintained weapons, and of course, read up on various hunting tips.

Don't underestimate your prey. These canines are more active and vocal at night, but their keen senses make them harder to track—much less shoot. If you won't prepare for the trip physically, mentally, and tactically, then don't expect to bring home even a single coyote.

Do you have any other questions about coyote hunting at night? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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