Coyote Hunting In Utah: Predator Control Program

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There is no season for coyote hunting in Utah. If you are hunting for the bounty, you can hunt year-round. But If you hunt to harvest fur, you'd want to pursue these furbearers NOW when their hair is all fluffed up.

Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner hunter, this roundup will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about coyote hunting in Utah.

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Everything You Need to Know About Coyote Hunting in Utah |FAQs

Who Controls Coyote Hunting in Utah

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In 2012, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources launched a predator-control program to reduce mule deer fawn predation. The program allows residents to hunt and kill coyotes for a price reward of 50 dollars for every well-documented coyote kill.

What Are the Rules and Guidelines of the Program

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After completing an online training course and registering for the program, you are only eligible for compensation if you:

  1. Submit a coyote's scalp or pelt and its lower jaw. These should have both ears.
  2. Hand in a duly filled out compensation form that contains the hunter's identity, the GPS location of where the coyote was killed, and the date of the kill.
  3. Make compensation requests at selected sites and only during the chosen days and times.
  4. Are compliant with rules related to firearm use and trapping.


  • Disposing of the carcasses is the duty of the program participants.
  • To ensure only one payment is made per removal, the UDWR marks the ear remains.

When Is the Recommended Time for Coyote Removal

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December through June is the recommended time for coyote removal. Aside from this being the easiest time to spot many coyotes, it is also the period when the deer population is most prone to coyote predation as it is right before the deer-fawning season.

After this period, coyotes usually disperse and end up dying of natural causes. Coyote removal, therefore, only serves a goal when done during the suggested season and locations.

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Which Utah Locations Are the Best for Coyote Hunting

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Since all coyote removal efforts aim to benefit the mule deer, UDWR recommends specific zones and dates during which coyote removal will benefit the course. However, this does not mean that you cannot kill a coyote when you see it in another zone on a different date.

UDWR provides maps that direct where your control efforts are most needed to benefit the mule deer.

How Long Can I Keep the Jaw and Scalp or Pelt Before Submitting

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Though the UDWR provides updated monthly lists of coyote check-in times and locations, you can submit your coyote remains at selected check-in sites within one year from the kill date.


  • You must provide evidence of completion of the online training and registration course when submitting remains.
  • Have a pre-filled compensation form if you had not submitted your request through the program's smartphone app.

How Should I Preserve the Coyotes Before Submission

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Dry out the pelt or scalp with the lower jaw in a paper bag labeled with the corresponding order number submitted through the smartphone app or the number on your compensation form. If you choose to preserve by freezing, use something to prop the mouth open first.


  • During submission, frozen heads must be allowed to thaw for processing purposes.
  • Approximately two-thirds of the front of the lower jaw is needed for processing a submission.

What Are the Rules of Using Spotlights When Hunting Coyotes

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The regulations governing the use of spotlights when hunting coyotes and other unprotected animals vary from one county to another. To avoid breaking the law, contact the sheriff's department for the county you want to hunt in and inquire.

Though coyotes fall under the unprotected wildlife category, it doesn't hurt knowing the rules and regulations that govern their hunting, especially if you are looking to engage in a mutually beneficial coyote removal endeavor.

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