Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight – The HS 338 Lapua

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October 8, 2023 / Comments (2)

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Today on our Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight, we present the HS .338 Lapua, a high caliber hunting rifle perfect for big game hunting. It doesn't get any better for big-game die-hards!

Ever feel like there's something missing every time you pull the trigger? Don't you think there's enough power on your rounds? Take a look at the HS .338 Lapua custom hunting rifle!

If you're into high-caliber hunting rifles, you should check out the HS 338 Lapua that's on our custom hunting rifle spotlight today.

Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight – The HS 338 Lapua

One of the best things about customizing your hunting rifles is that you get to pick the parts that will work best with your style. While some parts of this custom rifle are stock parts, others need to be custom-made.

This magnum cartridge calibrated rifle is sure to take down big game at distances of more than 300 yards!

Here are some clips that you'll see in this video about this one-of-a-kind rifle : 

Synthetic Stock

The stock of this powerful hunting rifle is a Remington 700 synthetic stock that is lightweight but very reliable.

Muzzle And Bipod

This beautiful rifle was concocted by Parish Davis Custom Guns and the stainless steel muzzle break had to be custom-made. Just looking at the rifle makes me wanna shoot some deer with it!

Steiner Scope

The thing I like most about this custom hunting rifle is the Steiner T5Xi 5-25×56 rifle scope. These series of rifle scopes have great reviews and even I have one mounted on top of one of my hunting rifles.

Hit play to start‘s video below – or watch it here!

The HS 338 Lapua custom hunting rifle is gonna be used to hunt deer at long distances.

At great distances, having heavy ammunition like an HS .338 Lapua Mag is one way to go and the game will be sure to drop dead once the bullet hits it. I've been shooting 6.5-284 and .338 and it's definitely refreshing feeling the recoil on your shoulder!

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Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight – The HS 338 Lapua

  1. Randy says:

    Are you kidding me ? Hunting DEER ? with a .338 LAPUA magnum ??? Way too friekin big, guess that’s ok if you only wanna kill the deer and not be able to eat any of it, taking into acct bullet size, velocity, and terminal velocity upon impact, I’ve had a 7mm rem mag totally destroy the entire front quarters of my deer at 300yds using a 140 gr8 bullet, I can see a. 338 bein used for elk and larger animals, but deer ? That’s a laugh.

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