Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight – The HS 338 Lapua

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February 27, 2017 / Comments (1)

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In this edition of Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight, we showcase a high-caliber hunting rifle that is perfect for those big game die-hards! Don't think there's not enough power going out of your rounds? If you're in the high-caliber hunting rifle game then take a look at the HS .338 Lapua custom hunting rifle, our feature custom hunting rifle for today!

Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight – The HS 338 Lapua

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One of the best things about customizing your hunting rifles is that you get to pick the parts that will work best with your style. While some parts of this custom rifle are stock parts, others need to be custom made. This magnum cartridge calibrated rifle is sure to take down big game at distances of more than 300 yards!

Here are some clips that you'll see in this video about this one of a kind rifle : 

Synthetic Stock

Synthetic Stock | Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight - The HS 338 Lapua
The stock of this powerful hunting rifle is a Remington 700 synthetic stock that is lightweight but very reliable.

Muzzle And Bipod

Muzzle And Bipod | Custom Hunting Rifle Spotlight - The HS 338 Lapua

This beautiful rifle was concocted by Parish Davis Custom Guns and the stainless steel muzzle break had to be custom made. Just looking at the rifle makes me wanna shoot some deer with it!

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This is a perfect custom hunting rifle for hunting big game at long distances. Coupled with its heavy ammunition and its one way to get more game to drop dead this hunting season! This custom hunting rifle sure gives that justified power as you feel the heavy bump of recoil with every shot!

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