CZ 75 SP01 Tactical Gun Review

Old Czechoslovak Gun 9 mm Caliber | CZ 75 SP01

The CZ 75 SP01 makes for a great home-defense firearm and a reliable pistol in competitions. What's more, it's probably one of the smoothest-shooting handguns you can own!

Read on to know how well this gun can serve you.

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CZ 75 SP01: A Pistol for Self-Defense and Competition Shooting

CZ 75 Brief History

9-mm-pistol-luger-ammunitions-on CZ 75 mobility

The CZ 75 used to be a part of the Czech Republic's military weapons. It was designed and introduced way back in 1975 and quickly reached other European countries. But it was only in 1993 when the first CZ 75 model became legally available in the US.

There are several variations of this firearm–from compact pistol to race gun. But we'll put the spotlight on the CZ 75 SP01 Tactical.


The CZ 75 SP01 boasts of having top-notch craftsmanship.

It has a black polycoat finish that's rust-resistant, making it durable for a lifetime of shooting. Its barrel shroud also gives you space to attach accessories, such as lasers and lights.

Its design is iconic and is one of the most successful and most copied handgun designs in the world. For instance, the IWI Jericho 941 drew inspiration from this CZ model, that's why they have almost the same style.

This firearm is 4.6-inches long and 1.4-inches wide. Unlike other guns that use more aluminum alloys and polymer, this pistol is all made of steel. However, this also means that it's a fairly heavy handgun–which is one of its biggest cons.

To be exact, it weighs 2 lb 7.8 oz without the magazine, and it can get up to 3 lb when fully loaded. This is why upon picking up, you'll immediately feel its rock-solid built.

The good news is that this firearm has a lighter variant, called the CZ 75 SP01 Phantom. Its frame is made of polymer, making it almost 1 lb lighter than its predecessor.


The grip, which is equipped with an 18-round magazine, is perhaps one of the most ergonomic grips available out there. The grip panels are made of contoured rubber, which is ideal for a combat pistol. You'll feel as if the gun was perfectly molded for your hand.

Not to mention, the magazine release is a bit extended, making it easier for you to change and load easily to full capacity.

However, you might notice that the slide rail is short and stiff. This could be a problem if you have a weak grip.


The CZ 75 SP01 is a DA/SA (double action and single action) pistol. You'll feel that its trigger is combat-ready, as you would expect from a tactical pistol.

Its double-action trigger pull is long and heavy, about 9 lb 13 oz. Meanwhile, the single-action trigger pull is crisp and has less trigger, around 3 lbs 11.8 oz.

At first, you may find it hard to anticipate where it'll break. But as you use it, the trigger pull will be consistent.

Keep in mind that because of the double-action pull, the hammer springs can deteriorate over time.

This tactical variant has a safety feature called the ambidextrous decocker. Decocking brings your gun into half-cocked, wherein the hammer is latched halfway and rests without striking the firing pin. In this position, you can't pull the trigger, and you can carry this firearm more safely.

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Reliability and Functionality

automatic-gun-leather-casecz-75-compact | CZ 75 SP01

The CZ 75 SP01 is completely reliable, that even after firing more than 50,000 rounds, you'll only have to replace the firing pin and slide stop. In fact, this handgun passed the CZ Nato torture test.

Additionally, recoil from this weapon feels like you're shooting an air gun, or at worst, like a soft handshake. This is very much different from other handguns which have recoil that feels like you're giving a strong high five. Thanks to the slide rail that fits down into the frame, this pistol gives the user a smooth shooting experience.

The slide design also offers a lockup for consistent shooting. However, when the slide returns to the battery, you might feel that it's a bit aggressive. So you may want to use a reduced power recoil spring for competitions and shooting range sessions.


Years back, the price of CZ 75 SP01 used to be $425. Now, it's one of the hottest selling variants of CZ. The units would already be sold out, even before the stores put them on the shelves.

Currently, this model goes between $675 and $829. You can get one for the same price you'd pay for a SIG or an M1911.

Overall Verdict

CZ Displayed | CZ 75 SP01

If you prefer a handgun that you can bring anywhere you go, the CZ 75 SP01 might not be your most ideal option. Its all-steel frame will just weigh you down. And it's definitely not the world's fastest gun.

However, this heavy but evenly distributed weight is what makes this handgun steady from shot to shot.

Instead, this firearm would be excellent for both practical scenarios and shooting sports. If you plan to get into competitive shooting but don't know much about firearms, this is a good start gun.

With its ergonomic design, the CZ would fit your hand like a glove. And with its versatility and reliability, this pistol can become your go-to handgun.

Check out this video by apextactical to learn about the steps of disassembling the frame of CZ 75 models:

The CZ 75 SP01 isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of weapon. Some may dislike its weight, while others may instantly fall in love with it.

What makes this gun stand out is its reliability for self-defense and shooting scenarios. So, if you're looking for a “tacticool” pistol and a long-term companion weapon, get your hands on this CZ model.

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Have you tried using a CZ 75 SP01? What do you think of this well-built pistol? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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