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The CZ P10 F Competition is a full-size striker pistol that is built for competitive shooting. But is it the best competition-oriented handgun out there?

Let us find out in this CZ P10 F Competition 1000 round review.

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CZ P10 F Competition 1000 Round Review: The Best Pistol for Competition Shooting?

Gun Shooting Competition | CZ P10 F Competition 1000 Round Review

Gun Specs and First Impressions

Before we dive deep into what the CZ P10 F Competition has to offer, let us first review its specifications:

  • Barrel: Cold hammer-forged
  • Barrel length: 5 inches
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 10- or 19-round
  • Frame: Polymer
  • Height: 5.34 inches
  • Overall length: 8.5 inches
  • Trigger mechanism: Striker-fired
  • Weight (when empty): 30 ounces
  • Width: 1.26 inches

As you may notice, the CZ P10 F Competition is not a small pistol.

With a height of almost six inches (and that is without optic) and a length of more than eight inches, it is more suitable for shooters with large hands. But this is actually what you can expect from a gun with a 19-round capacity.

But despite its large capacity, it can still be considered lightweight, thanks to its polymer frame. This also makes it lighter compared with metal pistols, such as the Beretta 92 A1.

And since the P10 F Competition is relatively lighter, it is also more comfortable to hold.

Frame and Grip

The fiber-reinforced polymer frame of the P10 F Competition may seem thin, but it is well made and sturdy. However, it is a bit larger than other duty-sized pistols out there, which makes it not-so-ideal for CCW.

On another note, the grip angle offers you a high hand position. This high hold on the gun can help reduce recoil, help you find a good position, and help you point the handgun naturally.

Another good thing is that it comes with three interchangeable backstraps to help fit the pistol into your hands.

Also, the trigger guard is lengthy, has a flat bottom, and has a deep undercut. It gives you generous space, which works to your advantage if you often use gloves while shooting. These features also provide you with stability as you hold the gun.

Furthermore, CZ added texture all around the grip. The texture on the front and back parts are more aggressive compared with the texture on the sides, which is a plus if you want to use this pistol as your competition gun.

Moreover, the magwell has a slight bevel to it, which can help you insert mags easily.

Slide and Sights

For the P10 F Competition, CZ deviated from its usual slide pattern. They eliminated the internal slide rail design, which you can find in their hammer-fired pistols.

CZ configured this handgun in such a way that its slide would be a bit taller so that it can be easier for you to grab on to it during slide manipulations.

Helping you with the “push-pull” technique are the forward and rear slide serrations. These serrations are aggressive, deep, and grippy enough for you to have a positive hold, but not overly sharp that it would cut your fingers.

The slide has a nitride finish, which contributes to the gun's durability. It is also longer by half an inch compared with other full-size pistols. But this length provides you with a longer sight radius, which contributes to increased accuracy.

The slide also accepts mounting plates for your favorite micro red dots, which are a must for a competition gun.


The trigger is one of the many strong points of the P10 F Competition. A lot of shooters love it so much not only because of its distinct, gold-accented look but also because of how clean it breaks. It is so good and crisp, it can lead the pack of striker-fired pistols!

The trigger measures around 4.5 to 5 lbs, which won't actually appeal to competitive shooters. But with a competition spring kit, it can reduce further to 4 lbs without sacrificing its smooth take-up and positive break.

The trigger reset is also short. And in our honest opinion, we find it a lot better than the Glock Gen4 and Gen5.

These features make the P10 F Competition easy to shoot. Plus, you can put follow-up shots on your target quickly and naturally.

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How does the P10 F Competition shoot?

This gun is not bulky at all, but it may have more “flip” than your other pistols. The recoil impulse is what drives the muzzle up and down.

This is perhaps because there are no hammer and mainspring present in the frame. And because of this, there are increased reciprocating steel mass and less resistance when you move the slide.

But overall, you can still find the recoil of the P10 F Competition relatively manageable. With proper adjustment to your grip technique, you can still run the pistol rapidly.


Shooting Instructor Pointing on Used Target | CZ P10 F Competition 1000 Round Review

CZ has made an impressive reputation in the biz because of its accuracy. And that is one of the primary reasons why it appeals to and is favored by action shooters. And of course, the P10 F Competition is no exception.

With this pistol, you can hit targets easily, even if they are small and yards away. And with quality ammunition, this handgun has more than enough accuracy for shooting sports.

Overall Verdict

So, where does the CZ P10 F Competition sit in the hierarchy of competition pistols?

Well, when it comes to MSRP, this pistol is more expensive than:

  • Walther Arms PDP
  • Beretta APX
  • Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0
  • SIG Sauer P320 RXP

Honestly, these handguns also work well for competition shooting. But with the P10 F Competition, you will definitely get your money's worth.

For a fair price, you get a handgun with generous capacity–one of the largest at 19 rounds. You also get comfortable ergonomics and massive accuracy.

All of these features can serve your needs well, especially when it comes to training and competition shooting.

But remember that when it comes to choosing, it all boils down to which fits you best and which performs best in your hands.

Check out this video by Lock N Load Radio 1 as they compare the CZ P10 F Competition with another handgun also from CZ's P10 series, the CZ P10M:

The CZ P10 F Competition is a duty-sized pistol that provides you with a complete package to make you ready for shooting sports. It is an excellent handgun for your money, and it sets the bar high when it comes to what a striker-fired pistol should be.

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Have you tried the CZ P10 F Competition? How was your experience with it? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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