Hidden Dangers of Pesticides- What You Need To Know


They’re sprayed in abundance, but research on these chemicals remains surprisingly scarce

Are any pesticides safe?

Most of us think we’re protecting ourselves from noxious chemicals when we filter our water or buy organic food. We forget about things we are constantly exposed to: insecticides. A  very popular group of bug-killers, pyrethroids and pyrethrins, accounts for 1/4 of the pesticide market.
Pyrethroids and pyrethrins are thought to be safe due to their botanical origins. However, the only testing the government has done has been on rats, not humans. Over 90,000 adverse reactions have been reported, and these indicate serious health risks.

How safe are they? Read the rest of the article here

Learn more about the hidden dangers of pesticides:

 9 Shocking Facts About Pesticides

The data here may surprise you. The high percentages are indeed shocking.

Are the dangers being hidden from us?

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We are certainly left with many unanswered questions.
We found a great article from the EPA that attempts to answer some of them.

  • What are the potential health effects of pesticides?
  • How does EPA determine what the effects of pesticides on humans are and whether they are acceptable?
  • Where can I get information on health risks of pesticides I have in my home?
  • How does EPA use information on toxicity and health effects of pesticides?
  • What other information is there?

What are the potential health effects of pesticides?

Read the original article to get the answers

Organic foods are safe, though. Right?

Maybe not. We read this and have now have another opinion.

The Seven Most Dangerous Myths About Organic by Steve Savage

Pesticides have been used for ages. How and why?

This timeline shows how pesticides have evolved:


We are being secretly poisoned and there’s nothing we can do about it…or is there?

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