When Is Deadly Force Justified In Home Defense?

When Is Deadly Force Justified In Home Defense?

June 24, 2023 / Comments (7)


If you're like most preppers, you probably have a weapon in your home for defense in case of a home invasion.  While this is great, it's also vitally important to know your state and local laws regarding when the use of deadly force is justified.  We don't want defending your family and home to land you in jail.

Home Defense: When To Use Deadly Force

So, check out this video from Personal Defense Net to learn how to make sure you don't end up with a murder charge for defending your home.

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7 Responses to :
When Is Deadly Force Justified In Home Defense?

  1. Hornet says:

    You guys who may need help after defending your home, etc.


  2. shamu9 says:

    This Puzzy Kracker “Be Kind To Criminals/Convicts is BullZhitt!

  3. Danny More says:

    1. They must be in your home.
    2. They must have something that can harm you.
    3. They must try to harm you/family. If you are on the street. They must try to harm you first.
    Then you have the right to take them out.
    When the police come. Just give your name. And say I was in fear for my life. I want a lawyer. Say no more. Not one word. Nothing until you have a lawyer with you.
    Even then. you can be 100% in the right all the way. But get ready to go to jail.And get sued from the thugs family. The law is NOT on your side.
    The police come after the fact. And you will need to show you had No Other way.
    You your rights. Know how to use your gun the right way. Welcome to the land fill.
    Sad but true.. You are on your own…

  4. don76550 says:

    The Castle doctrine in many states removes any requirement that you have to retreat from your home.

  5. Andino Mining says:

    Florida law is explicit. If you are are in your residence and an intruder enters it is ASSUMED under law that they mean to do you grave bodily harm or kill you or your family. There is no need to show that the intruder was armed, etc. It is assumed they had the means and intent to kill or do grave harm and you are completely justified in using deadly force; there is no duty to retreat. In simple terms, if a burglar or home invader crashes through your door at 3 in the morning you can immediately use deadly force and the criminal (or his survivors) has no recourse to law, i.e. you can´t be sued by his grieving family. That said, any intelligent person will only use deadly force when they are obviously in danger. An unknown stranger standing in your bedroom at midnight is assumed to be a deadly threat and you can take appropriate action. On the other hand, if you shoot your drunk brother-in-law who stumbled into your house in error in the middle of the afternoon, well………you better have a good lawyer (you better have one in any shooting incident, of course). Same goes for not talking. Be polite but tell the cops you can´t say a word until you can contact your lawyer. Believe me, they will understand. Also, if you pump a criminal full of lead but he is still breathing, think twice before doing a victory lap with your Glock. In any case, if you have to shoot, shoot to stop the threat, period. No warning shots, no shooting to wound, no shooting to kill. Stop the threat.

  6. Andino Mining says:

    Danny More is wrong and his advice could get you killed. They do not have to “have something that can harm you” in Florida. Their mere unlawful presence is sufficient to establish deadly intent. They most certainly do not have to “do something” to harm you or your famiy”. If you wait to use deadly force until they actually attack chances are you will be killed or seriously wounded. Nor do you have to warn them. They knew when they unlawfully entered an occupied residence that they were taking their lives in their hands. Common sense tells you to avoid engaging in a deadly confrontation unless absolutely necessary but in a home invasion or night-time intruder situation you can´t hesitate an instant. Once you know they are criminals illegally in your home, you have to neutralize them immediately. No conversation, no warnings. You do not know if they are armed but must assume they are. You do not know if they are alone but must assume they are not. You do not know if they plan to rape, torture and murder your family but that is the way to bet. At least that is the way it is in Florida. If you live in a liberal state that coddles criminals, God help you. Regards, Chuck

    1. Danny More says:

      I’m talking about Calif. Every State is not the same.
      And Again Remember I said In your home. That means one foot in the door/window. And I did not say harm you. I said they have something you can see that may harm you. Are make a move that could.
      Then you have the right to use force. But in Calif. You better be right. And they better have something on them/with them. Are away you go for murder.
      And yes. Wimp Calif give the thugs more rights then you have….
      A very simple fact…..
      Also in Calif. If you give a warning shot. You can go to Jail…
      So know what you can & can’t do in your state…

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