These Deer Hunting Tips Should Help You Bring In The Big One

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October 24, 2019 / Comments Off on These Deer Hunting Tips Should Help You Bring In The Big One

Hunting Hunting Tips

After endless hours of sitting on the stand, you sometimes wonder why no deer shows up. If you're a beginner, you're often left to wonder why not even a single deer appeared. If that was the case, you'll probably have no chance at bringing home the trophy stag of your dreams. So to get ‘the big one' of the back country and follow these awesome deer hunting tips.

These Deer Hunting Tips Should Help You Bring In The Big One

As you probably know by now, deer rely most on their sense of smell and hearing instead of their sense of sight. So even if you're wearing a brightly-colored hunter orange vest, they might not be able to tell you're there. However, your movements will give you away. Today's deer hunting tips are mostly about stealth. Concealing yourself and blending into the environment is an art, and learning it should make your harvest easier.

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Tip #1: Remove your human scent

The deer's first and most powerful defensive ability is its sense of smell, it can smell your human scent from far away. One of the most basic hunting techniques our ancestors used is to stay upwind. Or for a more modern approach, use scent killers and wash your hunting clothes with unscented soap. In addition, you have to spray all your gear with scent killers so they don't retain the scent you unknowingly put on them. I prefer to store my hunting clothes in airtight bags and only bring them out once I step out of the truck.

Tip #2: Wear gloves and face mask

Although a deer's eyesight might hinder it from seeing all colors they're very adept at seeing movement. While waiting for deer on the tree stand, you might be making a lot of movement with your hands and head. To avoid having the deer notice your motion, use camo gloves and face mask to blend into the environment.

Tip #3: Don't make a ruckus

Another defensive tool in a deer's arsenal is their keen sense of hearing. If you look at a deer closely, you'll notice that it can face its ear in any direction it wants. As such, they can point their ears in your general direction if they sense you're there. The key to being stealthy is to be really quiet and avoid having loose gear that might bang against each other. I always pack my gear tightly to avoid that.

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Tip #4: Be patient

Lastly, be patient and wait for the giant stags to appear. Don't settle for the small does that come grazing your way. If you really want the prized 12-point buck, wait it out before you run out of tags. In addition, you can extend your hunt through to the middle of the day in case any of those stags decide for a midday stroll before going back to rest.

Watch this video from CopingWithTheTimes for more deer hunting tips that will make you bag the big one! 

I've learned and valued these tips from the time I became an intermediate hunter. However, these tips are just the tip of the iceberg and there are lots more to learn if you want to become a master. If you have some tips to share as well, don't hesitate to drop them in the comments section!

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