[List Post] Deer Hunting Aftermath – Deer Meat Cuts And Other Recipes For Venison

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Deer meat cuts, or venison, taste so good after a good hunt. Like most meat variations, venison can be cooked in different ways and a freshly butchered venison provides you with opportunities to do so.  Well, here are ways to cook those freshly butchered venison meat that will leave you drooling!

Venison Cover Image | [List Post] Deer Hunting Aftermath - Deer Meat Cuts And Other Recipes For Venison

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[List Post] Deer Hunting Aftermath – Deer Meat Cuts And Other Recipes For Venison

7 Wonderful Deer Meat Cuts Cooked In 7 Sumptuous Recipes

Deer meat can easily replace any other animal meat and it tastes just as delicious! Nonetheless, different cuts mean different recipes so take a look at these awesome deer meat cuts and their recipes to enjoy for this summer season. You'll surely love to cook that tender deer meat with one or a few of the items listed here!

1. Shoulder Roast Dry Rub

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The venison shoulder roast has lots of connective tissue that make it a little hard to chew. But with the right amount of time on the grill and some dry rub, this meat cut will be perfectly tender and melts in your mouth!  Get the recipe here.

2. Wild Venisson Osso Bucco

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This recipe makes use of thick Fallow deer meat cuts that are marinated overnight. It is then dried the next day and cooked in an oven. Get the recipe here.

3. Stew Deer Meat Cuts

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This recipe is derived from Chef Gordon Ramsay's own recipe: Venison Stew with Bitter Chocolate. You just gotta love this Braised Venison Stew in Red Wine & Bitter Chocolate Sauce! Get the recipe here.

4. Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin

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A soft tenderloin deer meat cut wrapped in savory crisp bacon, this recipe is mouthwateringly delicious! Get the recipe here.

5. Deer Ribs Recipe

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This deer ribs recipe originated from NZ and varies from the traditional North American style ribs. Get the recipe here.

6. Emily's Marinated Venison Steaks

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The marinade on this wonderful venison steak recipe is definitely game-changing and it also removes the game taste! Get the recipe here.

7. Grilled Deer Heart

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A nicely grilled deer heart is the ultimate trick to warm yours! Don't throw away that deer heart just yet and make use of it on this Grilled Deer Heart recipe! Get the recipe here.

With all these great recipes, you'll surely have no leftover deer for the next season. Try out these awesome recipes and add in your little deviations for a nice new taste to these classic recipes.

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