[Watch This] The Best Skinning Knives For Deer Hunting

skinning knives

Skinning knives have wide and shorter blades compared to your typical hunting knife. These knives have stronger edges that is not meant to spring or bend for a more efficient skinning process.

Drop point skinning knives are quite popular among hunters but some skinning knives also feature a clip point tip. Take a look at this selection of awesome big game skinning knives!

[Watch This] The Best Skinning Knives For Deer Hunting

Process Your Harvest With These Awesome Skinning Knives

GunznGear presents us with this wonderful collection of skinning knives for big game hunting and in the video, he discussed the reasons for picking out those certain skinning knives.

skinning knives

He uses these knives for field dressing and maybe cutting them down to more manageable sizes that'd make them a lot easier to carry. Read on to check out these big game skinning knives and you just might want to carry one of them soon!

Bark River Kalahari

The tip of the blade on this skinning knife is above the handle making the belly of the blade bigger. This makes it very easy to skin the game with ease!

David Beck's Appalachia

A wide drop point blade made of O1 steel that has only an eighth of an inch thickness, this knife has a delicately sharp edge perfect for slicing and cutting.

Rigid Bowie

This knife has a 440C stainless steel blade that has a lot of sweeps and features a clip-point tip. This knife is great for getting into those smaller delicate areas where a drop point can't reach.

Wolf River

The Wolf River made by Bark River has a CPM S35VN blade that is very tough and provides great edge retention.

Blind Horse Knife

Saber grind 4-inch blade and a nice big handle, what's not to like about this knife? The size of its handle provides a very nice grip when cutting.

Some hunters prefer to have the meat of their harvest processed by a local butcher while others prefer to process it on their own. Whether you're the type to do the work yourself or you want the pros handle the job, you should reconsider these skinning knives for big game! You just might be inspired to start processing the meat yourself!

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