Truth About Defensive Gun Use; Rifle Isn’t Firing; DOJ on Pistol Braces [PODCAST]

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November 12, 2021 / Comments (0)


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Truth About Defensive Gun Use; Rifle Isn't Firing; DOJ on Pistol Braces

male-hand-holding-gun-on-black Defensive Gun Use

Tom is on a deer hunt this weekend! Enjoy this reloaded episode of Gun Talk from 09.26.21

In this hour:

– Journalist and author Dave Workman discusses a recent study of defensive gun uses (DGUs) in the US. Click Here to read more

– Bill is having an issue with his Marlin rifle – where does he send it?

– The Department of Justice’s stabilizing brace comment period received more than 200,000 comments. The DOJ asks for several months to go through them.

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