What To Do After Defensive Shooting? [PODCAST]

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April 21, 2021 / Comments (2)


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What To Do After Defensive Shooting?

You've been involved in a defensive shooting — ideally a shooting and not a gunfight. What comes after? What should you do post-engagement? Here's a hint: it's not just flipping your head around dramatically in a theatric scan-and-assess. In today's episode, we discuss what to do after.

Though important, situational awareness is necessarily different in every situation. However, to develop the proper mindset Daniel presents his system that if used in the course of training will help you prioritize your post-defensive shooting actions. Mindset, mission, purpose, and mental-emotional preparation can help save your life and protect your loved ones. We'll talk about that.

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What To Do After Defensive Shooting? [PODCAST]

  1. David Mountain says:

    I like your articles. And I do support the second amendment and I did mail a check covering shipping and handling weeks and weeks ago and still have not received my t-shirt I ordered 2X. If you could look into this matter I would greatly appreciate it. Now as for what caliber is best 9mm versus 40 caliber versus 45 caliber, it all depends on who’s on the other end of the trigger squeezing. Remember gun control is hitting your target.

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