Desert Survival | How To Make A Shelter That Can Take The Heat

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September 24, 2023 / Comments (5)

Shelter Survival Skills

Knowing a few desert survival tips can mean the difference between life and death. Learn how to build a shelter amid the heat here.

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Desert Survival | Building a Shelter to Withstand the Heat

How to Survive in the Desert

Desert survival is one of the underrated life skills. Did you know 33% of all land on Earth is covered by deserts?

It may seem farfetched, but it is possible you will end up in one—for a period of time.

How do you survive in a desert? You build a shelter.

1. Build One in the Morning

In building a desert shelter, you have to put the terrain itself to good use. It means you'll be using the sand as your main material.

If you can't find shade, make one yourself.

Like other outdoor shelters, the one in the desert takes time to construct. Before you exhaust yourself in the heat, consider creating one early in the morning before the sun gets too high.

2. Find the Perfect Spot

You have to look for a place where you can build your shelter. Ideally, it is somewhere you can build a trench, such as a dune with rocks.


They will come in very handy in desert survival activities later on, so it's wise to keep them around.

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3. Dig, Dig, Dig

Once you find a place, you can start digging a trench. Dig for about one and a half to two feet deep.

Make sure it's wide and long enough for you to lie in comfortably. You might not have any sort of tools for the desert so you have to start digging right away to have your shelter ready before sundown.

4. Pile the Sand

In this step, use the sand you dug out to make the trench. Have them piled up to form a mound on the sides of the trench.

Ensure one side of it doesn't have a sand mound. It will serve as your entrance.

5. Cover the Trench

A cloth wide enough or a tarp will do the trick in covering your trench. It is beneficial to bring one with you as part of your desert survival kit.

Secure the cover using some weights like the rocks around you. They will prevent the wind from blowing the cover off.

Stuck in the desert with no food to eat? Eat cactus! Watch this video from Junkyard Fox to know how to do it:

The desert can be a dangerous place, so it is crucial to know some desert survival skills. The heat and lack of water can really dampen your spirit.

With this guide, you can be more flexible and use your creativity when needed. It is best if you can find a way to improvise the materials you need in making a shelter.

Do you have any other desert survival tips? Have you tried building a desert shelter? Share your adventures in the comments section below! 


Desert Survival | How To Make A Shelter That Can Take The Heat |

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on May 17, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

5 Responses to :
Desert Survival | How To Make A Shelter That Can Take The Heat

  1. Rick Fernandez says:

    Larry, Good point that canvas is very heavy shown in the picture. You wouldn’t get very far back packing that much weight around in the desert. A tent would be a better selection to block out the sun and wind.

    1. Noel (Squeak) Field says:

      Buried alive comes to mind. Only ever dig in stable(ish) ground. Without stabilization a sand pit is a death trap. Natural hollows, rocks etc paramount. Shallow scrapes and bury yourself.

  2. Sam W. says:

    I carry a two layer Mylar “tarp” orange and silver. For the sunny side but you shouldn’t use it in the open if you’re trying to hide.
    You can also eat prickly pear raw once the spines are removed. You get more water raw. In season some prickly pear produce edible fruit others just produce dry fruit.

  3. herman says:

    Might be the most ignorant, moronic article I have ever read on survival

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