The Basics of Disaster Preparedness

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How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

When making your disaster preparedness plans, it’s important to have all your bases covered.

Natural disasters are very unpredictable — some more so than others. A hurricane can be tracked for days or weeks, giving you time to make preparations. An earthquake or tornado, on the other hand, is much more difficult to predict. But the bottom line is that no matter where you live or what season it is, you’re never completely safe from a natural disaster. This is why it’s best to make sure that you and your family have adequate supplies and a plan in place at all times — just in case the worst should happen when you least expect it.

The following infographic, originally pinned by The Survival Mom, lists tips for preparing for any type of natural disaster. Use this infographic when building your own disaster preparedness kits, and you’ll always be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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The Basics of Disaster Preparedness

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