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Every archer (and archery enthusiasts) knows that this sport can cost you an arm and a leg. Bows, arrows, and other archery accessories can cost you a lot of money. Some of us spend hundreds of dollars just to have the right gear. But purchasing the appropriate equipment is not the end of it. You also need to practice–so that simply means you need to buy a target. There are a lot of targets that you can get from your favorite archery shop and there are those archers who choose to make their own target rather than spending tons of money. So on that note, check out this step by step instruction on how to make a DIY archery target boxes.

It Only Takes 4 Steps To Make This DIY Archery Target

All of us know the value and importance of practice especially in the field of archery. Shooting your bow every now and then can improve and dramatically change the way you play the sport. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of cash just to have a target. We can always make our own target boxes DIY style. Below are the easy steps in making your own DIY archery target box. This is an inexpensive way of improving the way you shoot those arrows.

Things You'll Need :  

  • Old cardboard box
  • Shrink wraps or old blankets
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors


1. Look for a box

archery 11 ss

The first thing you need to do is to look for an old cardboard box. You can choose any size of box you want but for this particular project, we used an 18x18x12 box.

2. Fill the box

archery 5 ss

Fill the box with shrink wraps or you can also stuff it with old blankets. You can also use rubber dust and saw dust as fillers so the box retains its shape. For my project, I used old two small bags of rubber dust, encased in old pillow cases, and wrapped around in an old small blanket.

3. Close the box

archery 6 ss

There are a lot of ways to do this. You can use duct tape to seal the edges of the box, or you can make use of tarps or thin rubber sheets to seal the box together. Hey, you wouldn't want to make it obvious that you made it by yourself, did you?

4. Mark the box

archery 9 ss

Mark an “x” on the box or draw a target. You can also print out a bullseye and stick it on the sides of the box.

Watch this video from Brandotube for the complete tutorial of this DIY archery target box :  

That old maxim “practice makes perfect” is absolutely true in anything that we do. I remember an old friend used to say that repetition is the father of learning and he is right. Constantly doing the same thing over and over again can improve the way you do things.  It is not enough to have expensive gears or accessories, what we need to do is to practice and be better in what we do.

Tell us what you think about this DIY archery target box by dropping your two cents in the comments below.

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