Wilderness DIY: How to Make Your Own Bushcraft Camp Chair

featured Bushcraft Camp Chair Tutorial

October 19, 2023 / Comments (2)

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A DIY camp chair is a great solution when you don't have a chair on hand! Check out this tutorial to learn how to make your own.

Bushcraft Camp Chair Tutorial

If you find yourself stuck in the wilderness with no chair on hand, this DIY camp chair is an excellent solution. Check out the photos below to see how it's done, and be sure to leave your own wilderness DIYs in the comments!

What you'll need for your camp chair:

  • A tree to attach the chair to
  • Three Y-branches
  • Batoned wood for the seat and crossbars
  • Bankline cordage
  • Rock for hammering

How to make your camp chair?

1. Start by attaching 2 of the Y-branches using a bankline. Paracord would probably work better.

2. Put a loop in the bankline and leave a 6-inch tail. Then run the main line back into the loop to create another loop.

3. Slide that over the top. Tie it down as tight as you can. Wrap it about 6 times or more so that you won't fall to the ground.

Bushcraft Camp Chair Tutorial 1

4. Cut off the cordage.

5. Frap the cordage you just wrapped. (In other words, go through the middle and around your cordage.)

6. Take the tag line and finish off with some knots.

7. Use a long piece of wood for the crossbar. Put it on top of the Y-branches (the chair's legs).

8. Make a hole for the legs to make sure the seat of the chair will be flat and level.

9. If it's not flat, get a piece of rock to pound the leg down into the ground.

10. Tie the crossbar to each leg, alternating on the inside and outside the Y several times.

11. Do the same on the other side.

12. Use longer sticks to connect the front legs to the Y-branch at the back of the chair/tree.

13. See to it that they're also relatively flat. Hammer the Y-branch into the ground if needed.

14. Tie them together securely.

15. Same in the back.

16. Now it's time to put the sticks on top of the crossbars for the seat.

17. Just like the rest, tie the sticks on. It won't take much to hold them in place.

18. As you can see, it's not a masterpiece, but it's a good place to sit.

19. The last and final step is to test if the chair can support you. Sit squarely on it the way you would on a regular chair.

20. If you want to test it for strength, put all your weight on the seat, like this.

For the full tutorial, check out the video below:

Have you tried making your own bushcraft camp chair? Have your own tips to share? Tell us about it in the comments!

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