4 Ways to Make Camouflage at Home

Feature | 4 Ways to Make Camouflage at Home

Camouflage has become readily available in just about everything you could ask for – but it also tends to run up a steep tab.
Fortunately, these patterns patterns are easy to find, and even easier to make!
With only a handful of materials, you can camo-up anything from a deer stand to a rifle in a matter of minutes.
Master these techniques and you’ll be able to camo just about anything your heart desires.
Here are 4 of our favorite do-it-yourself tutorials:

1. Camouflage Hunting Clothing

2. Camouflage Rifle


3. Pink Camouflage | Digital Camouflage


4. Camouflage Deer Stand

A confrontation is not always the best solution when you have to protect yourself. There’s always the probability of getting hurt even if you have a good weapon or the martial arts skills. Hiding or evasion would pose the wiser option because after all, being a survivalist or prepper is all about living for another day.
On the other side of the coin, background matching helps hunters go for the kill without being detected. When your game gets even a scent or clue that you are there, it will not come closer but run away. The animal will not be able to see you, hence it will act naturally and move around the area. Once it’s close enough, it’s time to use your hunting weapon and get your prize.
Camouflage provides many advantages whether you are the hunter or the hunted. You are saving your own life if you have other people coming after you. A deer will not suspect that a human is around as long as you used the right techniques. Time and again, blending in the background with your clothing or hideout has proven its benefits.

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4 Ways to Make Camouflage at Home

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