Don’t Get Left in the Dark! Check Out This DIY Emergency Lantern [VIDEO]

featured diy emergency lantern

Don’t get left in the dark! This video tutorial will teach you how to make a DIY emergency lantern out of just a flashlight and a water bottle.

How to Make Your Own Emergency Lantern

We all know the basics you should have tucked away in case of a power outage. (And if you don’t, you should check out our article on the subject for some tips.)

But no matter how committed we are to preparedness, we all make mistakes. (Yes, even me!) Maybe you packed candles in your emergency preparedness kit but forgot to include matches or a lighter. Maybe you didn’t pack enough flashlights, or the ones you did pack aren’t bright enough for your lighting needs.

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Whatever the case, you don’t want to be “left in the dark.” And if you are, it pays to be creative.

The video tutorial below from Alaska Granny on YouTube will teach you how to make a bright emergency lantern with just a flashlight and a bottle of water. Sound crazy? Wait until you see how it works – and how easy it is!

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9 Responses to :
Don’t Get Left in the Dark! Check Out This DIY Emergency Lantern [VIDEO]

  1. DustyFae says:

    It works GREAT– thanks

    1. Pawzy says:

      Wonderful use of the laws of physics. Great and useful idea.

  2. Amapola Hansberger says:

    Amazing! thank you for that great tip

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