DIY Fire Starters

DIY Fire Starters

Unconventional Fire Starters Techniques

We all know the conventional ways to fire starters. A little lighter fluid, a handful of tinder, some flint, a few matches, a lighter, a few sheets of newspaper – these a-typical methods will work if you're luck enough to have these things around when you're in need of a fire.

But who enjoys the a-typical? There are a ton of creative ways to start a fire, whether you're in survival mode or you just want to watch it burn. Here are a few methods to enhance your preparedness, or if you just to start some badass fires:

1. Water Bottle Fire Starter

Chances are pretty good that you'll have access to something as common as a water bottle most of the time.

Water Bottle Fire Starter

For this reason, this survival tip is important to know for those moments when you're not as prepared as you might like and need a fire.

How To Make Fire With A Water Bottle Video

 2. Reading Glasses Fire Starter

reading glasses fire starter

How To Start A Fire With Reading Glasses Video

 3. Soda Can and Chocolate

How to Start a Fire with a Can and Chocolate Video

4. Urine Fire Starter

How to Start a Fire with Urine Video

5. Magnesium Fire Startering

 Making Fire with a Magnesium Fire Starter Video

6. Vaseline and Cotton Ball Fire Starter

 How to Start a Fire with Vaseline and Cotton Balls Video

7. Bacon Grease Fire Starter

Bacon Grease Fire Starter

How to Start a Fire With Bacon Grease Video

 8. Bear Gryll's Fire Starter

How to Use Bear Gryll's Fire Starter Video

9. Fire Piston Fire Starter

How to Start A Fire Starter by Air Video

10. Water Fire Starter

5 Ways to Start a Fire with Water Video

11. Lava Fire Starter

Lava Fire Starter

(See full article on ‘How to Make Fire with Lava' at Wild Wood Survival)

12. Fungus Fireboard Fire Starter

Fungus Fireboard Fire Starter

(See full article at Wild Wood Survival)

13. Solar Reflector Fire Starter

How to Start a Fire with a Solar Reflector Video

14. Spontaneous Combustion Fire Starter

(See full article at Wild Wood Survival)

15. Ice Sphere Fire Starter

Ice Sphere Fire Starter

(See full article at Wild Wood Survival)

16. Ravioli Fire Starters

Ravioli Fire Starters

How to Start a Fire with Ravioli Video

17. Wine Cork Fire Starter

Wine Cork Fire Starter

(See full article at Camp Wander)

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 9, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


10 Responses to :
DIY Fire Starters

  1. DieHardPatriot says:

    A nine volt battery with fine wires soldered to each terminal and very fine plain steel wool works like a charm.

  2. Jeff says:

    Another great way to start a fire:

    Place a small pile of Potassium Permanganate (also useful to have in first aid kit to pour onto cuts to kill germs and to disinfect water) near the tinder. Drip Glycerin (also useful to cover burn wounds or salve irritated skin)onto the Potassium Permanganate. Wait a few seconds and watch the chemical reaction burst into flames.

  3. Johnc160 says:

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  4. ASlbert Nygren says:

    In 1964 I was in the Air Force stationed at Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks Alaska. My room mate and I each had an 80 CC Yamaha trail motorcycles and drove them to what is now named Denali National Park. It was so far above the tree line that there were only bushes and it was continually raining. W had matches but they would light nothing due to the wetness. The only way we could start a fire was to drain some of the gasoline from the trail motorcycles, pour it over some et small twigs and then light it. The fire only burned for a short time. Since we were camping out, we left the next day to a Military camp below the tree line where we had a great time. The point to my verbosity is that draining or siphoning some gasoline from your vehicle may be the only way you can start a fire.

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