5 DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas For Shooters

diy decorations

November 22, 2016 / Comments (1)

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5 DIY Holiday Decorating ideas for Shooters

The holidays are nearly upon us and I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not ready yet! One of the many things on “To Do” lists this time of year is putting up seasonal decorations. If you’re still scrambling like I am, here are a few ideas that are cute, crafty, and money-saving.
Among the many variations of The Twelve Days of Christmas, shooters might recognize one that starts the true love’s gifting with a cartridge in a bare tree. For those of us who believe in minimalism decorating, or perhaps just have a soft spot for Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, this is an easy one to put up with a simple branch from outside and one of the spare rounds floating around in your change tray.

DIY decorations

cartridge in bare tree

Speaking of spare change, one of my favorite parts of holiday visiting are the candy dishes scattered around for all-day snacking. Normally, you’ll find M&Ms, mints, or similar treats in them, but you can really stand out with a different kind of small gift for your friends: ammo candy dishes! With the bright red bullets in the new American Eagle Syntech rounds, and classic “green tip” ammunition, you can have a cheery holiday look without the calories. If you want to use just bullets, you can also try coated ones such as those from Eggleston Munitions.
DIY Decorations

ammo candy dish

For your bare walls, inside or out, try a shooter’s snowman. The USPSA/IPSC Classic target is both a convenient octagon shape and white on the back side. While you could draw on the snowman’s face and buttons, why not make it even more shooter-appropriate and shoot the features into the target? If you don’t have any Classic targets, paper plates would work too, but only if you get a little precision shooting practice in on your targets.
diy decorations


While you're at the range, make sure you save some of your brass casings too, so that you can make brass candle holders. You will need to clean the brass well, and tumble it if you want it to be extra-shiny. Keep in mind that even when clean, you may not want the casings on or near food unless they have been coated with shellac or another food-safe finish. Still, you can make a very nice mantel or windowsill display by simply inserting appropriately-sized candles into the mouth of the casing where the bullet used to sit. If your candles are a little too small, try museum wax or candle adhesive.
diy decorations


And finally, don’t forget to dress up what’s already around your house. Something simple as a Santa hat is all you really need. Just plop it on top of that safe in your living room, the gun gear that you never put away, or that long gun secured on the wall. You might even be able to hide some gifts right in plain sight under a big enough hat. Since there won’t be any kids running around my house this holiday season and I’ll be home all the time, I have my shotgun in the corner wearing my Santa hat.
diy decorations

santa hat

Will any of these will make an appearance in your home this year? Head on over to Gun Carrier’s Facebook page and show us some pictures!

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