The Donald's Stance On Guns

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Ever wonder where Donald Trump stood on guns?

It's not our job here at Gun Carrier to endorse one presidential candidate over the next. However, what should be blatantly obvious for you, is that we're not feeling the Bern, nor are we willing to put our lives into the hands of the Benghazi Butcher. They've both come out of the gun-hating closet, exposing their true feelings toward the 2A. And, we all know that gun-loving Americans always vote the way of the gun.

At least I do.

Anyway, one of the other Republican candidates said that The Donald would eliminate the 2nd Amendment, and lots of the other freedoms that we enjoy.

Let me repeat myself here: I'm not endorsing anyone. All I'm trying to do here, because our humble little blog is about guns, is clear up where Mr. Trump stands on guns based solely on on what his website says.

This is important, because our next president CANNOT SUCK like the current one does.

By the looks of it, based on what Trump says, he is a Second Amendment supporter who understands the importance of owning a firearm for self-defense. Trump says that to protect the 2A he will:

  • Enforce the laws on the books.
  • Fix our broken mental health system.
  • Defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners by,
  1.  Eliminating gun and magazine bans.
  2. Fix the background check system.
  3. Instituting a national right to carry.
  4. Allow carrying on military installations.

Now, I'm not an expert on a whole heck of a lot. But, I can say that, based on what he says, he's not going to abolish America's first freedom.

The website says a lot more, and I urge you to check it out, as well as the other candidate's websites, too, as you should always do your due diligence before voting for anyone.

Sound Off Gun Carriers! Is Trump clearly pro-gun? Or, is he just saying all of this to get elected? Let us know in the comments below.

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18 Responses to :
The Donald's Stance On Guns

  1. Lauren says:

    It’s hard to say how or what he truly believes. Because he has no record of legislation in the past, we only know what we read and hear.
    Personally, after understanding his stance on other issues, he seems to want an increased government and a decrease in our freedoms and liberty.

  2. ron ike says:

    tell you all a secret wake up the only thing that matters this election cycle is appt. to the supreme court next pres. will appt. most likely three you want your life to change fast elect the wrong one, it takes forty years to change the court the wrong pres. makes us france in 4 years an forty years to change it if your still around think about it!!!!!

  3. Geoffrey Weiss says:

    Based of what is available out there you are voting on the one least likely to do major harm to your way of life. As the Dems will definitely destroy 2A Trump is the only horse to back in this race

  4. carl bebar says:

    i think you people who want clinton should see the video from the mothers who had their sons killed defending benghazi. they have a good review of clintons reaction

  5. I_Am_Me says:

    Trump is only saying what he needs to in order to gain gun owner votes. In the recent past he has been for “assault weapons” ban, and extended waiting periods when buying a gun.
    ALL infringements upon law abiding citizen’s UNALIENABLE right to keep and bear arms is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and completely illegal!

  6. D.A. says:

    He has admitted that in the past he was for assault weapons bans. But he has also said that after seeing how they did nothing to help keep people safer, he changed his mind about it. I believe him. He is the type of person, or so it seems to me, to change his mind when things don’t work. When it comes to a choice between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, to me, there really is no choice. I can’t vote for Hilary. So I’ll take my chances with Trump. And with the way the numbers go, anyone who chooses “not to vote” or to write in a random name for their vote, is actually casting a vote for Hilary. If we fail to vote against her by voting for the person who could possibly win, then you are in effect voting for her to win. Everyone who doesn’t want her to win needs to vote for Trump, otherwise, she will win. That’s my opinion anyway.

  7. Howleyesque says:

    Folks, it’s this simple. IF you care about gun rights, Trump is the only one TOO vote for. Voting for anyone else is essentially a vote for Swillary, and we all KNOW what that hypocritical old skank wants!

  8. Thomas D Hixson says:

    When the election finally comes down to Trump vs. Clinton, I hope that the people who voted for Obama have had enough liberalism to last a lifetime. Donald Trump is a very smart man, and is capable of serving as our president. Ms. Clinton, who stole items from the White House the last time she occupied it, is not capable of making important decisions that
    will affect all of us for a long time to come. Please don’t put that loser back in our White House. Use common sense when you vote, please.

  9. Robert Moore says:

    Trump was a strong advocate of “gun control” in the past. Now he would enforce stronger “watch list” including “mental health” prohibitions before allowing gun acquisition. Trump is openly saying what he thinks Republicans want to hear. He will negotiate it away if elected.

  10. Bruce says:

    In an interview early in his candidacy, Trump claimed complete support for the 2nd Amendment, and even admitted (after being questioned) that he has a Carry Permit. Sounds like a supporter to me, and I’m going to vote for him!

  11. Floyd Morrow says:

    I’m all for 2A rights. But assault rifles really doesn’t have a place expect to go to the range and have some fun. Also, semi automatic guns ( as in AR15) are not assault weapons.
    If they are wanting to do something about gun laws already passes, then enforce the ones on the books and hang the bastards that shoot innocent people and especially those shooting cops. That’ll stop some of the BS real quick.

  12. James Brill says:

    Personally. I think Trump believes the only person who should have a gun is himself. Does it matter if one party takes your guns away or if they create an economy where no one can afford to have a gun. Either way your disarmed. The real problem is a self serving two party system whom only respond to who raises the most money to keep them in power. Neither party deserves or will get my vote or my cash.

    1. KUETSA says:

      No, you are very mixed up. You are thinking of Michael Bloomberg!
      TRUMP is good on guns!
      If you value your firearms rights, not voting is a vote for Clinton!

  13. JJ says:

    Trump vs Killery – the choice is clear regarding gun rights/2nd Amendment – vote Trump.
    What the antis’ call “common sense” is very extreme to firearms owners. It is only common sense to these limousine liberals that have bought & paid for armed security.

  14. 1911kimber45 says:

    Let’s not forget that Donald jr. is an IPSC competitor, and claims that he learned to love and respect firearms from his Dad.
    Doesn’t sound anti-2A to me.
    The NRA had a long meeting with Trump during the primaries, and have fully endorsed him.

  15. David says:

    I think we all sometimes get distracted by what is happening with the election process, that we indeed forget that the Executive branch, as powerful as it may seem to be, is still controlled by the Judicial and Legislative branches of Government. What our current president has been doing, blatantly usurping his authority by the use of executive fiat, has damaged the mindset of We The People. None of our elected officials dare stand up to this so-called human being who is for the People! I say – fire them all, and start over. Why the impeachment process was never implemented we all can only imagine! I’ll tell you why – our elected officials were and still are scared s..tless of the control he has assumed. They feared the loss of their career. What? The position of Senator, or House of Representatives, was never intended to be a full time career, much like that of Presidency. Look at prior History. The President has a maximum term of 8 years, and he is gone. Why then, do we as American Citizens, allow politicians to hold office for 40 plus years? Not to mention the pay they receive for the few months out of a year that they are in session! A term in Congress was for 2 to 4 years, with a maximum of 4 terms. At least that is what I recall from Government History class back in the 80’s. So, not only is the fault of our leaders, but what is wrong with US, the voters who keep them in office?
    I’d keep going, but I would like to hear what you have to say.

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