Don't Ever Apologize For Being Patriotic…F*ck 'Em!

toby keith
I had the pleasure of joining the rest of the NRA for the Toby Keith concert this past weekend, and I can say that there was a good time to be had by all. Houses were given away to wounded veterans and a few good speakers were there to include Sheriff Clark and Chris Cox.
And, of course, there was music. Lots of loud, patriotic, America-loving music filled the walls of the KFC YUM! Center, where the concert was. Being a Marine veteran with several brothers who've lost life and limb fighting overseas, there were the obvious tunes that brought a tear or two to my hardened eyes.

You know the ones, right? My personal favorite is American Soldier. It gets me every single time I hear it. I choke up as I think of those brothers and sisters of mine who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. So many Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen have died protecting people who aren't. Even. Grateful.
I must digress before I fly off the handle…
Toby Keith is a great musician and lover of this fine country, and it shines through in a lot of his music. Perhaps the best part of the night, though, wasn't even any of the music being played. I never knew it, but he is actually quite a philosophical man. The moment came at the very end, once the music was all said and done. Toby said something that I'll likely never forget: Don't ever apologize for being patriotic…F*ck 'em!
And, as he said it, he flipped the bird.
What a brilliant statement! In all seriousness, who gives a damn if feelings get hurt because you're an America loving American? Maybe more Americans need to rise up with their patriotism and say “screw you” to the politically correct culture.

And then we can say:
“No, you're not allowed to burn or step on MY flag! Get the Frick Off of It NOW, before you get throat punched by an Old Glory loving American willing to die for freedom. Shut up you whiny little bitch.” Ooh. Hope I didn't offend you with that one 😉

My friends and patriots. Political correctness has all but destroyed this fine country. For fear of being shamed and called racist, a woman was unable to prevent a terror attack in San Bernardino. If she hadn't been afraid, she could have saved lives.
In all reality, being patriotic to your country, means calling out the things that look out of place. It is a way of protecting us all. It doesn't matter if someone is white, black, green, blue, yellow, brown, tan, red or any other color. If they are doing something suspicious, as a patriot it's your duty to say something. As a patriot, it is your duty to act, if you see something going down.
Don't worry about the backlash if you're wrong, because what if you were right and did nothing? That woman has to live the with fact that she could have prevented it, but chose not to out of PC. Personally speaking, that isn't how I'd want to live out the rest of my days: knowing that I could have prevented a terrorist attack…and didn't.

Don't ever apologize for being patriotic. Really, who cares what other people think? Besides, if you do apologize, maybe you aren't really a patriot to begin with…just some food for thought.
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