Ready To Brawl | 5 Doomsday Defense Mods For Your ATV

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These doomsday defense modifications can transform your ATV into a badass post-apocalyptic vehicle. Read on and find out the things you need to install on your quads to make them ready to brawl!

Doomsday Defense: Build the Ultimate Battle Quad

Almost every vehicle can be modified to be more useful when the inevitable doomsday occurs. However, one of the most popular picks for a post-apocalyptic vehicle is an ATV. They are quick, fuel efficient, and perfect for tackling tight, rough terrain. However, a regular ATV may not be enough to protect you from the perils of the last days. To fight your way out of a chaotic scenario and increase your odds of survival, here are some doomsday defense mods for your ATV.


1. Gun Mount

Gun Mount | Ready To Brawl | Doomsday Defense Mods For Your ATV
One of the most important doomsday defense modifications for your ATV is to install a gun mount. You want your guns to be accessible and ready to go anytime when doomsday arrives. Gun mounts will stabilize your weapon. That way, it won't fall when you're chasing a perpetrator or shooting at a crowd of zombies. You can build your own gun mount, or you can fit heavy-duty ATV V-Grips or gun racks to securely hold your guns.

2. Roll Cage

Roll Cage | Ready To Brawl | Doomsday Defense Mods For Your ATV
The primary function of a roll cage is for safety, but it also works great for other things. For instance, it can provide you more room to install your guns. In some cases, it's even an ideal spot to mount your bazooka. Other than that, it serves as extra space if you want to add more lights, so you can more easily spot and shoot intruders in the dark.



3. Spikes and Horns

Spikes and Horns | Ready To Brawl | Doomsday Defense Mods For Your ATV
In a doomsday scenario, there could be bad guys or flesh-hungry cadavers that want to jump onto your ride. Adding spikes all over your quad can ward off your enemies, as well as any enemy vehicles. The easiest way to do it is to weld pieces of rebar to the rig. Furthermore, you can attach antlers or bullhorns at the front of your ATV. This will not only give the ride character, but it can also impale those who get in your way.

4. Steel Racks

Steel Racks | Ready To Brawl | Doomsday Defense Mods For Your ATV
You need a place to store spare gears and ammo. That's where a rack comes in. Install a durable rack at the back of your ATV. However, make sure it is light enough, so it won't bog down your vehicle's power. Boosting your ATV's carrying capacity is vital when doomsday comes, because you will need all the survival gear, ammo, and different kinds of weaponry you can get your hands on.

5. Non-Pneumatic Tires

Non-Pneumatic Tires | Ready To Brawl | Doomsday Defense Mods For Your ATV
Another cool thing you can add to your doomsday quad is non-pneumatic tires. These tires are built to withstand combat level damage without jeopardizing mobility and functionality. They work like ordinary tires that can absorb terrain and impacts, but you don't have to worry about flats, cuts, rips or tears. With these tires, you can keep going for hundreds of miles, even if they're hit by something as large as a railroad spike or a .50 caliber round.


Looking for more doomsday defense modification ideas? Watch this video from Mighty Car Mods and find out how to build a zombie-proof car!

Transportation is crucial in a SHTF situation. When you need to escape an impending terror attack or a siege of cannibal corpses, having the right kind of vehicle is necessary to reach a safer location. An ATV is arguably one of the best means of transportation during these times.

However, there are still changes you need to do to outlast the challenges the day of reckoning throws at you. Modify your ATV to become a bad-to-the-bone doomsday defense vehicle, and you ensure your safety against anyone or anything that will get in the way of your survival.

Ready To Brawl | 5 Doomsday Defense Mods For Your ATV

Do you know other doomsday defense mods for an ATV? Share them with us in the comments below! 

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