Every Duck Hunting Gear You Need

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September 9, 2019 / Comments (9)

Hunting Gear

Have you ever gone hunting and you forgot to bring an essential duck hunting gear that turned your hunt to crap? If you have, it must have been really frustrating. Good thing, we've listed down every duck hunting gear you'll need for your adventure! If you're a beginner, these things should give you an idea on what to bring for every trip to the field.

Every Duck Hunting Gear You Need

7 Duck Hunting Equipment You Should Always Have

Whether you're a greenhorn or a pro hunter, you can't hunt without your trusty duck hunting gear. While some prefer to hunt on a boat, others prefer to use hunting blinds. But never without their complete set of duck hunting gear. So take a look at this checklist and see what you might have missed!


Duck Hunting Clothes

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These clothes don't need to be in blaze orange. In fact, you'll need to blend in with the environment so the birds don't see you. Wear appropriate clothes as much as possible to avoid discomfort during the hunt.

Guns And Ammunition

So what type of gun? Preferably, a 12 gauge pump-action rifle suits waterfowl hunting best. But, make sure that the ammunition you feed is perfect for your gun's chamber.

Duck Calls

While some hunters bring one or two calls, others prepare three or more depending on the diversity of game fowl species. These items are entirely up to you!

Duck Hunting License

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You should never forget to bring your hunting license and registration. In addition, you'll also need to bring the land owner's permit if you're hunting on private lands.

Field Dressing Kit

This is an optional item on the list. Some hunters–especially on short hunting trips–would rather have their game processed at home. But if you're one to field-dress your harvest, don't forget to bring the necessary equipment for the task.

Gun Dogs

Gun dogs like Labrador or Golden Retrievers have a soft bite enabling them to bring you the game without damaging its meat. Therefore, they're the perfect dogs for retrieving waterfowl!

Survival Equipment

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Finally, you should never fail to bring your survival gear. In very rare cases, you're gonna need these items and having the right survival gear could save your life. And be sure to include a first aid kit in your survival equipment!

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With all these items, you're sure to have an awesome waterfowl hunting trip! It's nice heading out to the field without second guessing the items you brought along. All that's left is for you to get on the truck and have a happy hunting trip!
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Every Duck Hunting Gear You Need

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