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September 6, 2023 / Comments (23)

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This EAA Windicator .357 review proves that it's definitely good for anything but your belt.

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EAA Windicator .357 Magnum: The Ideal Conceal Carry Gun

EAA Windicator Review

Of all the countless double-action revolvers available today, EAA has added a solid offering with the .357 Windicator. The European American Armory Windicator is a medium-sized, K-frame revolver.

Produced by German manufacturer Weihrauch, this .357 mag/ .38 special 6 shot revolver has the versatility and reliability expected of a German-engineered handgun.

While revolvers may seem out of date for semi-automatic enthusiasts, they will always have a unique purpose for gun owners.

Find out why experts consider it a great concealable handgun.


There is an everyday carry gun out there for everyone, and this is probably the ideal carry gun for a lot of people.

At 1.5 inches wide, this does not immediately strike you as a concealed carry handgun.

two-handguns-silver-357-magnum-revolver | 357 pistol

Without the added cover of a winter coat, even inside the waistband carry is uncomfortable and at times imprinting. That’s not to say there isn’t a use for this gun.

With its reliability unaffected by long-term storage (unlike the springs in magazine-fed guns), this is more likely to be more suitable as a home or business defense handgun.

At home, the Windicator makes a good ‘nightstand gun,’ one easily accessible and easy to use.

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For many gun owners, the cost can understandably be a deciding factor in choosing a handgun.

While not exactly a collector's item, EAA priced the Windicator to be attractive to first-time gun buyers.

357-magnum-caliber-revolver-pistol-cylinder | eaa firearms

The suggested retail price of $373 is well below the average cost of a .357 magnum revolver. This particular Windicator was a new purchase at Gander Mountain for $319.

Used Windicators have sold for as low as $250 in gun shops and online retailers. With this accessible price tag, the Windicator is an excellent value.


Revolvers are notoriously simple to operate and the Windicator is no exception. As with most double-single-action revolvers, the heavy double-action EAA Windicator trigger job decreases the chance of an accidental trigger activation while in storage or being carried.

male-hand-reload-revolver-magnum-gun | eaa windicator 357

Once you cock the hammer into a single action, the trigger pressure drops from 12 pounds to about 5. Activating the trigger in single-action mode requires just 5 pounds of pressure and virtually no trigger slack (or “mechanical void”).

The trigger itself has grooves carved into it to give shooters’ trigger fingers a better grip and even acts as a reference point for trigger finger placement.

This is actually a feature some gun owners pay extra for, and on the Windicator, this is a standard feature.

The cylinder release also has an ergonomic position for right-handed shooters to easily start a reload. With these simple features, the Windicator’s operability is exactly on par with the ease of use revolvers are famous for.

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Shooting and Marksmanship

Chambered in .357 magnum and .38 special, the Windicator capitalizes on the unique versatility that only revolvers like this can offer. Loaded with .357 magnum self-defense cartridges, this gun does deliver strong recoil and muzzle flash.

44-magnum-concel-gun-bullet-on | 357 pistol
However, with the ability to chamber and shoot .38 special, practice and training are much more manageable and cost-effective.

The smaller load is more affordable than .357 but more importantly, it generates a slightly less intense recoil and muzzle flash.

Muzzle Definition: The opening at the tip of the barrel or part of a gun where the bullet comes out.

Despite the short 2-inch barrel, a competent shooter can deliver accurate shots at most self-defense ranges up to 25 yards.

Notwithstanding the heavy double-action trigger pull, the Windicator also delivers accurate multiple-shot self-defense drills.

I’ve had experienced and novice clients on the range with this .357 and all have been able to accurately deliver multiple shot drills at varying distances with the right coaching.

This is likely where the initially unwieldy 26 oz. weight is a factor, balancing out the explosive recoil of these larger caliber cartridges.

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EAA Windicator Sights

The low profile sights were designed to mitigate the issue of sights catching on a holster. With black on black low profile front and rear sights, shooters may have difficulty finding proper sight alignment and sight pictures.

opened-cylinder-stainless-357-magnum-revolver | eaa firearms review
This and many other Windicators commonly get modifications with an easy do-it-yourself solution. A small drop of white nail polish on the front sight provides all the contrast you need to achieve sight alignment.

Another way to do this is with high visibility or glow-in-the-dark colors as well.

After shooting 2500 rounds through it in one year with a variety of ammunition, there has not been a noticeable impact on operability. If anything, some cheaper ammunition did burn dirty, causing a larger than the normal gas cloud.

This simply highlights the importance of maintaining a clean firearm, as shooting cheaper ammunition can cause a significant carbon build-up if left unchecked.

Shot Capacity

The shot capacity is something that has always seemed to be perceived as a weakness in revolvers. With a 6 shot cylinder, the Windicator actually has a larger capacity than some 5-shot .357 revolvers.

357-magnum-revolver-stainless-steel-hand | eaa firearms 357

Even several single stack semi-automatics have capacities ranging from 5 to 8 rounds depending on caliber.

While the carrying capacity can keep the Windicator on the same level as these semi-automatics, the primary shortcoming is in reloading.

Magazines will always be easier to reload than even speed loaders, and one major factor to consider when deciding if this is a good carry gun for you.

The EAA Windicator grips give a solid and controllable feel but do have a few drawbacks. After shooting some rounds with it, the grip on this particular Windicator came loose after about 9 months of use.

An issue like this is likely due to the high round count. It's something to credit for in the design and manufacturing.

Watch this video by TFB TV as they tested out the durability of the EAA Windicator:

Gun enthusiasts should not write off the Windicator because of a 6 shot capacity or any other preconceptions.

A handgun this reliable and easy to use is a good option for first-time gun owners. It's a dependable home defense handgun or even a concealed carry handgun.

As with most new handguns, it takes dedicated training and responsibility to become truly competent and confident with it.

If you’re considering adding a Windicator to your collection, it is always a best practice to shoot it before any purchase.

For a .357 revolver in the sub $300 price range, however, this is also a great opportunistic buy if you should come across one online or in person.

What has been your experience with an EAA Windicator? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

EAA Windicator .357 Magnum

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23 Responses to :
EAA Windicator .357 Magnum | Full Review

  1. Charles Barrus says:

    I have one and love it. I did the nail polish trick on the front site with some neon green. I changed my grip out for a wood one that needed slight mods to it, but it is for looks because I like wood grip guns. I mostly shoot Winchester white box 110 gr JHP out of it and am pretty accurate with it. Overall a great gun and it was on my nightstand last night, even though I have several other choices. It does shoot a fireball with 357 at the range. That might not be a good thing in the dark at home as a self defense round, but the stopping power.

  2. JJM123 says:

    Comparatively, S&W Special with 2″ barrel is 1.25″ wide and weighs 25 ounces loaded. Admittedly it is a 5 shot and will not handle 357.

  3. Bob Long says:

    EAA = JUNK. My cylinder on my EAA developed a hairline crack. Spend a bit more and get quality, S&W or my personal favorite, Ruger.

    1. Adam says:

      Bob, the gun comes with a lifetime warranty. Did you give EAA a chance to make things right?

  4. Bob Long says:

    For home defense go with a 12ga shotgun. And not a cheap EAA one.

    1. Steve says:

      Only problem with that train of thought Bob is that a 12 ga using even bird shot will penetrate interior walls. Wouldn’t want to be in any of those rooms when you let fly with your 12 Gauge.

  5. Kim T. Curtis says:

    In your video, at one point I see you flipping the cylinder shut! Big no no! That can lead to a lot of problems regarding alignment of the chambers and more if you do it on a regular basis! I know this because I screwed up a gun in my youthful stupid stage, by doing just that!
    Leave that to Hollywood and close it as it should be closed!
    Other than that, great video!
    I like that gun and am going to get one! .357s are great mountain guns and even though they are wider than many other firearms, they can be used for concealed carry!
    It will definitely stop any human with good shot placement!

  6. Benny says:

    i own a EAA Windicator 357/.38 special…. in my state right noe we are having a short on all ammo…
    well to day i went to try n look for 357mag or the .38 special cal… and there was nothing but i did finf a few box of 38 super… so i bought them…..
    My Qustion is can i use thiese 38. supers in my Windicator??

    1. H. Ray says:

      NO 38 super is a rimless that head spaces on the case mouth a semi auto round!!!

  7. Cal says:

    Yes, I also checked on that was told that you can use 38 super since it is actually a less potent round than 357 Magnum.

  8. RICHARD BOWEN says:



    Cal: you are confusing 38 super and 38 special. NO this will not run 38 super, a rimless cartridge.

  10. robert payne says:

    I like this gun & will buy one soon

  11. John Jackson says:

    I have had a Windicator for several years now. I am on the road a lot and it goes with me. It has also been my go to when working around my pasture fixing fence, etc.
    I did not really care for the ridged trigger and a little emry cloth solved that.
    Lately it has been binding up in single action mode. I did a deep clean and lightly oiled all moving parts but it still binds up.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Chaplain Thom
      April 30, 2021 at 9:13 PM

      I discovered early on that if you torque the grip screw too tight, the pistols will bind up. I have a 2″ and a 4″ and it happens on both of them. Back off on the grip screw a bit, just enough so your grips does not get lose; should solve the problem. Good shooting!

  12. aAnthony Bilotti says:

    Where can I get one

  13. Anonymous says:

    Where Cana guy get one or two

  14. RL Homer says:

    I got my Windicator through Classic Firearms. Mine has the 4″ barrel and has been fine so far. The fit, finish and polish were better than expected, I got in blue. I keep mine loaded at home right next to my bed with .357 158 grain Hornandy XTP JHP. Put around 250 rounds through it and it is does bark, spit and jump a bit with the magnum loads. Easier to handle with the .38 special in +P 125 grain. If you locate one, do not hesitate because these are getting snapped up very quickly. I also have a Mossberg 500 12 Gauge with buckshot within reach and I could care less about holes in my walls if someone breaks into my home.

  15. c says:

    I carry a 50 year old nickle plated Rosewood handles Model 19 and it is accurate as the dickens. I have run some handloads with 110 blitz hollowpoints wih a super fast burning powder and could nail a coffee can at 50 yards with it. Don’t load that round anymore because I think it was too hot for the gun.

  16. dieselfuel says:

    This is a review of an EAA Windicator 357 Magnum, and leave it to the Smith and Glock snobs to chime in. I’ve seen more than my share of Smiths, and even Rugers with cylinder slop, canted barrel shrouds, and God aweful triggers! This “Vindicator” in 357 with a solid steel frame at 28 ozs is a german tank. Shoots non evasively, and with above average accuracy. And for you Glockies, I’ve got a Mossberg MC1 that blows the doors off a G43 in every category except name recognition! For 300 dollars, the 357 Windicator is a better value(bang for your buck) than most in it’s class, and even some above its class!!!

  17. dieselfuel says:

    And BTW, The EAA 357 Widicator is about 300 dollars less than a comparable Smith, and I’m not talking about any of those garbage airweights! Horrible shooting experience!!! And for the Glock Empire, my Mossy was 150 dollars less than your 43!!!

  18. Chaplain Thom says:

    I discovered early on that if you torque the grip screw too tight, the pistols will bind up. I have a 2″ and a 4″ and it happens on both of them. Back off on the grip screw a bit, just enough so your grips does not get lose; should solve the problem. Good shooting!

  19. Philip Conrad says:

    I look at things regarding handguns like this… if you feel it has to be counted on to defend yourself as close being 100% reliable as possible – then buy the best quality one you can. If you have to save up awhile… well , so be it. Your life is worth much more than dollars saved .

    If there’s any doubt about a handguns reliability for defense purposes – DON’T BUY IT !

    Smith snobs, Glock snobs, etc, etc , etc – who cares about them anyway ? Life’s too short to pay any attention to what their viewpoints are . As far as I’m concerned, they can all go pound sand .

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