7 Easy Campfire Cooking Ideas For You To Try

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October 15, 2019 / Comments Off on 7 Easy Campfire Cooking Ideas For You To Try

Campfire Cooking Camping

When you're out camping, it's always a good idea to know a few campfire cooking ideas. After all, nothing beats a home-cooked meal on the outdoors. The ideas you are about to read were used by our early ancestors and if they can do it, so can we! 

7 Easy Campfire Cooking Ideas For You To Try

Campfire Cooking Ideas For A Delicious Meal Outdoors

Growing up, my family and I went on several camping trips and I was exposed to an abundance of campfire cooking ideas handed down to me by my parents and siblings. When you're out in the wilderness, knowing how to cook with whatever materials you have can mean the difference between life and death.

From food that’s cooked using foil packs to using sticks,  these are just some of the ingenious campfire cooking ideas you can do to have fun outdoors.

1. Foil-Pack Cooking

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If you want to cook like you’re baking but don't want to have the burden of carrying an oven, then foil-pack cooking is your best option. It cooks food in a similar fashion but in small packages. It’s easy to do and it definitely provides delicious food.

2. Cooking Using A Stick

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One of the easiest campfire cooking ideas is by using a stick. Although wood is the most common material to use as a stick, there are also metal roasting sticks sold in stores just for this purpose. These are commonly used when cooking meat or other big produce.

3. Dutch Oven Cooking

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Dutch oven cooking involves the use of a cast iron oven. Depending on what you are cooking, it can either be placed directly on fire or by using a tripod to keep at a certain height.

4. Rotisserie Cooking

Like cooking on a stick, rotisserie cooking involves the use of a large stick for cooking large pieces of food. It has two ‘Y’ sticks on each end of the fire with the main stick holding the food in the middle. Some have gears at the end of the sticks to help you rotate the food.

5. Grilling

Want to cook juicy burgers in the middle of the wilderness? Using a grate as a campfire cooking idea is the best way to grill burgers and any other kind of meat.

6. Charcoal Grilling/ Cooking

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Charcoal cooking generally applies to fruits and veggies only. No need for any other cooking apparatus. Just prepare the vegetables such as peppers and chili's for a great fiery and smokey flavor.

7. Iron Cooking

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Iron cooking may not be well known as any other campfire cooking ideas but this method employs the use of a foldable cooking iron tool. You can even make sandwiches with this one.

In more ways than one, these campfire cooking ideas will give you sumptuous meals in no time. Hope you learned from this folks. ‘Til next time!

Did you know you can also cook pizza while camping outside? Check out this video on how to create one.

Eating food is not easy when you’re living outside but with the right campfire cooking ideas you can definitely create an easy and sumptuous meal in no time.

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