Election Day And Guns, What You Need To Know

Election Day is literally right around the corner. I know that I don't need to encourage our readers to vote, because most of us are patriots with an actual understanding of how the country is run. We also understand what is at stake this year, if the wrong person is elected. So, I know you are going to vote, just like I am.
One thing that has taken center stage this year, is the topic of guns. I, personally, have no idea why it's a “topic” because it is a basic right to have the ability to keep and bear arms. But, it is on the minds of many this election year. Lately, there has even been a lot of talk about guns in the polling places.
So, what's right when it comes time to vote? Are you allowed to bring your gun with you when you vote?

This is an enormously difficult question to answer, because each state and territory has its own rules regarding guns. I can speak about Pennsylvania, because that's where I live and I know that I can exercise my Second Amendment right to carry a firearm in most places, to include those where polling occurs, unless it's at a school or governmental facility.
It should go without saying that I plan to exercise my right to vote along with my right to carry a firearm for self-defense. When you take a look at how Trump's supporters are being ostracized lately, it only makes sense to carry. After all, I don't live that far out of Philadelphia (though, thankfully it's far enough should riots break out from the crazed left).
But, I can't say what the laws in Kentucky, Arkansas, Utah, or anywhere else, for that matter, are. Therefore, you need to check with your local municipalities/state officials to find out what the laws are. Of course, they're going to discourage you from carrying a gun.

Don't care what their personal feelings are on the matter. You want to know what the law says. After all, you have the right to defend yourself, unless you live in a state where you cannot defend yourself.
What's perhaps the most interesting thing about guns in the polling places, is that those opposed to the guns, believe that you and I are going to attempt to use scare tactics to manipulate the vote, or try to use force to coerce the voters to put Trump on the ballot.

To that I reply, “really?” And then I say, “do you watch the news? Do you see how Trump supporters are the ones being beaten in the streets just for wearing a ‘Make America Great again cap'? Do you see what's going on in this nation?”
So, it seems, that what they're really saying, is that it's okay for us to get the snot kicked out of us, but we cannot defend ourselves …
I think not. As gun owners, we never look for a fight. But, we will defend ourselves should the need arise to do so.
Therefore, if you can carry a gun to your polling place, please do so. And do it responsibly keeping a vigilant eye out for anyone looking to beat on your for placing your vote.
Will you be bringing your gun to your polling place? Please let us know in the comments below. If you don't want to divulge that part, please tell us whether or not you think guns should be allowed on Election Day, in the comments below.

10 Responses to :
Election Day And Guns, What You Need To Know

  1. Frank R says:

    I voted early here in NC and I had my gun on, though it was concealed.

  2. Scott R. says:

    Don’t leave home without it!

  3. Robert Brown says:

    I am a concealed carry licence holder , its my american express card, i take it every where. If i am banned from carrying my gun somewhere, i don’t need to go there. It’s a need to know situation,i need to carry, you don’t need to know.

  4. Andrew Herubin says:

    Can you put out a link to site with state information?

  5. Mike says:

    Guns should be allowed in polling places. A lot of polling places are in schools where guns are not allowed.

  6. JOB. says:

    My gun will be on my side, as always, (or nearly always), when I exercise my other right, to cast my vote for the person who will continue to protect my 2nd Amendment security.

  7. Warren says:

    I have been voting since 78 and carrying since 85, my gun has been with me every time Iv’e voted and will continue to be.

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