7 Thorough Checklist For Elk Hunting Packs

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September 29, 2023 / Comments (1)

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Elks are one of the largest game found in North America and if you want to hunt these bad boys, you better have your hunting packs filled! But this adventure is not for the faint of heart and the unprepared.

This gear list is essential to any hunting pack, and if you want to go after these majestic creatures, prepare your notebook and start taking notes.

A Thorough 7 Checklist For Elk Hunting Packs

These 7 Checklist Categories Covers Everything You Need For The Hunt

Whether you're hunting rabbits, white-tail, wolves, or any other game, you should always bring hunting gear that'll get you through the hunt. Survival and convenience are what your hunting packs are all about.

hunting packs

When you're out hunting, you'll never know what gear you'll need and when you'll need it, but it helps to be prepared.

Base Pack

Number one on the list should be your base pack. This is where you stack some of your hunting gear. Make sure that it's still intact and big enough to accommodate all your hunting supplies and other stuff.

Shelter and Sleeping Bags

If you're planning on staying on the field for a few days, you might wanna sleep in something comfortable.  These items will include tents to put a roof above you and sleeping bags to keep you cozy and warm during the night.

Cooking & Drinking

Of course, you need water to drink and food to eat.  Cooking equipment and bottles of potable water are essential to any hunt.


From jackets to camo to Hunter's Orange, clothing can protect you from the elements and even from your prey. Like my grandfather used to say, always bring an extra of everything you have.

Survival Kit

Every hunter should have his own survival kit, which includes a first aid kit and fire starters. You don't wanna leave these out because you never know when you'll need them.

Field Dressing Kit

Some hunters prefer to field-dress their kill and if you're going to do the same thing, be sure to bring your skinning knives and folding saw.

Hunting-Specific Gear

In hunting, there are some gears that have specific functions. These things include wind checkers, a range finder, deer calls, and a release if you're into bow hunting. I'm pretty sure you won't forget to bring these things.

Check out this awesome video from DIY Sportsman:

Once you have all these items ticked out, you'll be sure to have a fun time hunting these elks! The feeling of knowing you're completely prepared for anything is definitely priceless.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download this FREE checklist load up your elk hunting gear now and let the hunt begin!

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7 Thorough Checklist For Elk Hunting Packs

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