Make an Emergency Candle Out of Butter

Feature | Make an Emergency Candle Out of Butter

February 23, 2016 / Comments (0)

Do It Yourself

In the case of a power outage or other emergency situation, light is an absolute necessity. You need light to be able to do pretty much anything, and you certainly don't want to go through several nights in a row with no light source in the case of an extended power outage.

A Quick DIY Project for When You Need Light in a Pinch

If you find yourself in such a situation and don't have any candles, flashlight or other alternative light source, don't worry just yet. You can make an emergency candle with items you likely have in your fridge. (If it's a power outage, that butter's going to go bad anyway…might as well get some use out of it!)

Get the Coolest Light You’ve Ever Seen Right Now FREE!

Check out the video below (courtesy of King of Random on Youtube) to see how it's done.

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