Emergency Food for Pets

Emergency Food for Pets

When preparing for disaster, it is necessary to consider our pets. When unpredictable disasters strike, it is not uncommon that thousands of animals are left behind or left to fend for themselves.

Remember, house pets are not equipped for this kind of survival. Our furry friends have basically been spoon-fed since birth. We have taken care of their every need, and we can’t expect that they will turn from lap pets to wild animals overnight.

Emergency Food for Pets

Preparing might be as easy as having an extra bag of dry food with you, but that’s not the case for all pets. Consider their individual needs and current diets.

Then get prepared for your animals by stocking up on food that can get you through a week, minimum. Here are some basic tips and foods that can give you a good start.

  • Be sure you can feed them for 1–2 weeks.
  • Food that can also be used for human consumption is ideal
  • Know your pet’s current digestive and health needs and adapt
  • Purchase dry nutrient powders for your pets to add to food or water
  • Consider purchasing a bin of freeze-dried pet food


We suggest having a bag of dry food set aside, but some cats have dietary needs that will require you to have softer foods on hand.

Aside from stocking up on wet canned food for cats, grab some bags or cans of tuna that are versatile and can be used for you as well. Cats love tuna, and it is very nutritious, giving them lots of protein.

You should also have a bag of dry white rice that can be boiled. Mixing this with tuna is a great, nourishing option for both you and your cat.


Dogs need vegetables and meat sauce. They tend to do better with richer grains, so brown rice is a better option. We recommend having a bag of brown rice, dried meat such as good-quality beef jerky, and freeze-dried vegetables.

With this, you have everything you need for nutritious and filling meals, as long as you can boil some water and add these items to your cooked rice.

The best part, a man's best friend can share this hefty meal. Again, a bag of dried dog food is also wise to have on hand, but consider the heavyweight as you make your survival plan.

If you have a variety of pets in your home, be mindful of the different needs and pack accordingly. Our animals deserve our preparation. Animals also need an adequate supply of clean drinking water, a food bowl, and a cooking pot. Your beloved pets will be grateful for your extra planning when SHTF.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on August 21, 2019, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Emergency Food for Pets

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