Emergency Preparedness Car Tips | Bug Out Vehicle Life Hacks

Emergency Preparedness Car Tips | Bug Out Vehicle Life Hacks

Your emergency preparedness bug out plans probably involves jumping in your car to get far away from the emerging threat.
This likely means that after you load up the car with your survival kits and bug out bags, you'll be hitting some back roads to get to a safer location.

Emergency Preparedness Car Tips

Off road travel can be rough on your vehicle, so we've made a list of life hacks to keep the wear and tear to a minimum.
Learn these tips to keep your bug out vehicle in top shape no matter how far off the grid you go when the SHTF.

1. Extreme weather can make it difficult to get in your car.

Emergency Preparedness Car Tips
De-ice your frozen lock using a little hand sanitizer. It will melt the ice away, and you'll be back in your car in no time.

2. You bug out vehicle is probably going to have to go through a lot.

Emergency Preparedness Car Tips 1
Bugs, mud, grime, and other things that get stuck to your windshield can be hard to remove. Use a razor blade to scrape the stuck on gunk right off.

3. Cracks in your windshield are a common problem when you're traveling off road.

They can block your view while driving and be downright annoying. Use clear nail polish to minimize the look of existing scratches and keep them from spreading.

4. Dents are another side-effect of having to take your car off road for a bug out.

Emergency Preparedness Car Tips
Remove them with a plunger for a quick and easy repair.

5. If your keys get stuck on a stubborn or rusted key ring, use a staple remover to pry it open and release your keys.

Emergency Preparedness Car Tips

6. Murky headlights can be a hazard when driving in extreme conditions.

Emergency Preparedness Car Tips
Use toothpaste to brighten them back up and make your drive safer.

7. Keep yourself organized when you bug out by installing a mesh bungee in the back of your vehicle as a clothes rack and organizer for all of your survival gear.

8. Keep your bug out vehicle in top condition by hanging a tennis ball to help you with parking.

Emergency Preparedness Car Tips
You won't damage your wall or car with this easy tip.
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2 Responses to :
Emergency Preparedness Car Tips | Bug Out Vehicle Life Hacks

  1. kat says:

    thanks for this post!. my family also made some actions in case of emergency, we insured our house and car, spared some cash because atm/banks might not be working also stored some frozen/dried fruits, canned goods and bottled waters. Also, we converted our vehicle to propane because someone told me that there might be a power outage and gas stations cant pump gas without electricity.. we also bought some propane tanks and stored them in our shed. btw, I purchased the kit from the site gomowpropane.com

  2. John E Perry says:

    I appreciate the valuable info you folks put out. I only wish that more people would take advantage of it.
    I am afraid there are too many “Punch Drinkers” and “Sheeples” who don’t realize the potential for disaster that exists in to days chaotic world whether it be tornado, flood,blizzard, racial violence or gov’t. collapse.
    All is not well in the world today and each person needs to think of self protection and protection of there loved ones.

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